Monday, October 31, 2016

HRC, Huma and Weiner and a Collection of "Solid Rumors"

The rumors are spreading like a tawdry, TMI, middle aged selfie wildfire that Hilary Clinton will step down on Tuesday. 

I think this is unlikely.

She's like Jay Leno; unless she's just trying to stay out of prison by tomorrow, the dems can beg and plead and plead and beg and she will not give up to Conan O'Brian what she feels is her due.

I mean, to be fair to her, let's look at why she deserve the presidency. 

She married a political step stool and suffered through his own cigar-gate indignities, she fucked Vince Foster and unfortunately for him, she clearly had a predilection for a little too much pillow talk. 

 Like in most law firms photos; fuck buddies are pictured together

I mean, for real; if I had fucked Vince Foster and then later I had to actually kill him, I would want at least a presidency in exchange, maybe a queen of the world title like Obama's going for (Secretary-General of the United Nations).
Then you have to add in all the time it takes to commit so many crimes. As many on Twitter have commented; it is taking all of 4chan, Reddit, the NYPD and the FBI just to sort through all the felonies. 

The hardest part is just trying to summarize them all for the public.
Pictured below is the latest fun rumor collection, suggesting that some crazy videos are about to come out. Maybe it's just a scare tactic to get her to step down (she won't ) or maybe it's real.

The other speculation is this;

Why are there 650,000 emails on Weiner's laptop?

It's the same reason a Whitehouse intern kept a little blue stained dress in a plastic bag under her bed. 

                                      OMG- why didn't I think of this for Halloween?

It's the same reason countries all over the world had recorded conversations between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

If you are doing business with a devil and you get a chance at a little power over them you hold onto the evidence.

 I gotta say it- he's 52 years old - not bad
 he actually looks better without clothes
It takes a minute for the rest of us to think like that. We all had the same reaction. Why would you have so many emails? Who keeps a stained dress? And then we remember, 

"Oh that's right, I forgot, they are all power hungry psychopaths who are dealing with other power hungry psychopaths."

So to assume that these emails (or hope and pray like the dems are doing) are just duplicates, well, it's just not bloody likely.

These stored email are probably hard evidence kept specifically for blackmail purposes. 

Huma was auto forwarding HRC emails to her Yahoo account and maybe without her knowledge Weiners' laptop was probably auto-snycing all of them. She was likely doing all the story coordinating, and handling all the panic mode messages.

Well, we shall see.

Fun times

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