Wednesday, October 05, 2016

10 Years of Narcissistic Tirades

After looking through old posts I can see that this started out as basically a mommy blog, then somewhere along the line I thought I was a political editorialist. At one point I made some internet friends along the way; like Becky Chandler who really had a thing going on with her blog until too many boobs became her google downfall (I've had that problem myself).

After my husband started his veteran's group/org, I noticed I started using this as a ranting space for the frustrations of being "that guy's" wife. Blogs have really become redundant with Facebook being such a universal (though unpaid) place to vent, commiserate, and console. The downside, of course, is that you are venting to your own friends and family instead to an anonymous crowd. There is no anonymous for me anymore. Every word I type whether it's a private word doc or a published Twitter smartassity is watched and re-watch, not for actual criminal activity but for what might sound really bad if read to a jury out of context. 

It's been so long now that even when I ignore this space, I still think of it as a friend. I draft up posts in my mind that I'll never write as part a constant internal dialogue. I am very limited now as to how personal my rants can be as it is not only not anonymous, but also read by people who really hate us, like hate group hate us for our political beliefs.

I don't like to make promises but I love, I mean really love this blog. I'm like a workaholic husband who ignores his wife for years but would be devastated if she left. So like said husband maybe I'll buy her some grocery store flowers and take her to a chain restaurant so she doesn't feel so ignored; look I even updated it a little and bonus points, I didn't forget our anniversary. 

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