Saturday, October 18, 2014

My blog's 8th aniversary!

I can't believe I missed my October 6th blog anniversary!

It's harder and harder to find time for this old friend of mine. I thought I was busy eight years ago with my lawyer husband, four homeschooled kids and two dogs in a cabin out in Big Arm, MT.  Now I have six homeschooled kids, four dogs, forty chickens and frankly, just being the wife of the Oath Keeper guy is a full time job by itself.

 Poor baby stayed out in the cold all night
Hopefully this year we'll add goats and sheep to the mix, as well, and at 40-something I am toying with the idea of one more round in the baby department. I do wish I was a few years younger though, but don't we all.
So much to rant about and generally my sarcastic snippets are more likely to be vented in short bursts on Reddit and Facebook than in a drawn out post.

Well, here's to eight more years of nonsensical, disorganized bitching.


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