Sunday, October 19, 2014

Changing Stripes

I'm having a bit of a design crisis. 

I like the sleek, modern look of Blogger's new dynamic views but I dislike the lack of control, most notable that you can't use a stat counter. It also removes formatting for the post summaries; mixing in photo captions, without context, in with the text body; rendering most of my text summaries totally unintelligible.

For the moment, I have the background black but since I have hundreds of posts with dark grey text, meant to be visible against the pink my blog has been dressed in for years, I doubt I'll stay married to this high maintenance look.

I'll think on this darker look a bit more but some older post just aren't compatible with the modern Blogger and you simply can't change the text color anymore.

Anyway, if you just have to read an old post that appears blank - just highlight it. You'll probably find all the secret messages I use to leave for friends and enemies in hidden text to catch them googling themselves.


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