Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Border Patrol Agent Draws Gun on Boy Scout

This makes me so furious, my heart is thumping in my throat.

Boy Scouts walk to different events at the 200...
Boy Scouts walk to different events at the 2005 National Scout Jamboree. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
You know, we hold nurse ins when some rouge cop tries to bully or shame a nursing mom into feeding her baby in a toilet stall (nothing like a little human E coli with lunch).

I really think these feds need a lesson in the law. It is not fucking illegal to take pictures- you fucking cock suckers (cock sucker, of course, being a term of endearment). 

I think an organized protest of iphones snapping away at the border is a good idea.

English: A CBP Border Patrol agent monitors th...

I understand the temptation. But just because you wear a badge doesn't mean you get to make up the law to suit your druthers.

I can't just threaten arrest to people for wearing crocs or to Peter Jackson for chopping up the Hobbit.

It's because of this type of thing that I don't like to let my kids go on scouting trips that cross the border into Canada.  

I feel bad sometimes because they do a lot of awesome events out in the Canadian Rockies and we're only a few miles down from the northern border (they also do a lot of stupid shit too-like hiking grizzly territory without firearms). 

From Gondola, Banff, Alberta, Canada.
From Gondola, Banff, Alberta, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
But I constantly worry that my kids, in particular, will be singled out because of who their dad is. 

Anyway, article below.


Here is the blurb on this from Reason
A group of Boy Scouts from Central Iowa received a lesson they won't forget in federal manners at a border crossing from Canada into Alaska. According to the scoutmaster, a casual snapshot of a Border Patrol agent got the group of about two dozen scouts and volunteers detained, searched—and one of them ultimately held at gunpoint  .  .    .
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