Sunday, December 09, 2012

Crazy is the new Enemy Combatant Status

Akin (almost) to the witch hunt of 17 century Salem; there was a time during the early 20th century when the ultimate oppression against someone you didn't like was to threaten a lock-up in the loony bin

You only have to sit through a few old flicks before you see it used as part of a slapstick routine, like with a lot of things we're afraid of; we laugh. 
Uh oh, Jeb made a snide remark about the mayor's wife -here comes the paddy wagon. Look likes the boys got a straight jacket for ya, Jeb.
-Cut to hilarious lobotomy scene.

We shake our heads and tsk tsk this simplistic view of behavioral oddities while producing Hollywood blockbusters and docudramas at the injustice done under the guidance of ignorance.

 Nooo, you don't understand, the stretchy pants help me save lives, dammit.
Seizures that look like staring spells? Lock him up. 

A female who likes to fuck?

Clearly, this is a dangerous mental ailment.
Someone who believes in a god the rest of us don't (or none at all)? Evidently the subject is bat-shit fucking crazy.
The motivations are obvious now. This was a user-friendly weapon and it was fired against anyone targeted out of fear. 

This idea of locking people up for having unpopular ideas has fallen out of fashion over the last few decades. 

I credit the hippies' coming of age for the decriminalization of eccentricity and sandals.


But now the power elites, who, I must say, have really had their nose to the grindstone, at this whole "hate them for their freedom" thing, have discovered that their new toys aren't all that useful, at least for the time being. Political pressure against the use of NDAA and the media (internet, anyway) firestorm over enemy combatant status makes these weapons of purge politically difficult to use (especially for a democratic president). 

So now, once again, having Jeb hauled to the loony bin is looking like a pretty doable option. 

The building designation is of little solace when you're locked inside it. 

And I really have to wonder; 

where have all the hippies gone?

The common factor in all of these columns of power is a shared building block: in none of these situations do you stand before a jury of your peers. 

And it really is poetic and kind of beautiful to think; that with all their unimaginable wealth and unfathomable power they are still so very terrified of a jury of 12.

Norman Rockwell's The Holdout

How do we know this is coming? Because power elites telegraph their next move 


About a million years ago before half a baseball team called me mommy, I did a little boxing and I kind of sucked. I sucked because under no circumstance could I throw a jab without telegraphing. If you telegraph your jab, you don't have a jab. If you don't have a jab, you don't have shit (I didn't have shit).

And here it is; they don't have shit either because they keep telegraphing their next move. They telegraph by feeding the media everything they need to feed them to smooth out the road. 

Here is what they've telegraphed over the last year of so; every criminal is suffering from mental illness (batman murders, Bran Raub -covered by Oath Keepers here ). No longer are we hearing about all the vices of their pre-crime life, all the juicy details of who they dated, who they voted for and what type of porn they watched. All we hear now is how terrible and sad it was that someone didn't notice this mental illness sooner and "do something about it".

But is the media really that complacent? Would they really repeat what they're told ? Aren't they just trying to get the good stories? To be best and first? 

Well, yes and yes. 

King Stern

Many years ago Michael Jackson's press people (I swear this ties in) started referring to him as the king of pop (The king was already taken by Elvis Presley -who had a nose). 

Media outlets, battling to get in close to be first with any MJ news were eager to impress his peeps. They hoped to get on his gatekeepers' good side and gobbled up the king of pop line. They slung it better then his own press agents did. Sometimes even skipping his name to make room for his title.

Some years later, Howard Stern commented that he found this absurdly hilarious and loudly proclaimed he would do the same. He would just give himself a title, any title. He would repeat it. He would ask to be introduced by it. And he would favor media who repeated it. 

Go ahead; Google "The king of all media".

And that was just the entertainment industry. 

Yes, the stakes are fairly high. There is money. There is fame. There are careers to make and break. 

But is it as high stakes as war? The leadership of a nation? The world? What about billions or trillions of dollars? Is it crazy to think that that amount of power and position could slant an individual reporter?

Power players and those who cheer lead for them would call this conspiracy theory. 

I prefer to call it human nature. 

In a world filled with sociopaths you only have to follow the trails of self interest to see where we're headed.

Crazy is the new Enemy Combatant Status/NDAA and is every bit as dangerous.


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