Thursday, July 05, 2012

Is Skut Farkus style Obamacare really that big of a deal?

What does it really mean? I mean the philosophy is fucked, that is a fact.

A governing body that makes decisions based on how much power it can gain and how much money it can can avoid spending will essentially be in control of our lives and our bodies.

You want to drink raw milk? No, that's up to us now. Vaccinations? Well, we're in charge so that's up to us now, too and you know how we feel about that. Oh, and we do things about twenty years behind the times so, high fat? That's bad. Salt? That's bad too or it was fifteen years ago. Corn syrup is awesome though, so plenty of that if you're to be an upstanding citizen. Birth at home? Nope, not allowed.

Also, make sure you and your kids load up on pharmaceuticals like all the good people of the world who wash their cars on Sundays do. What's that? You don't want your children on drugs? Sounds like child abuse. We'll have to declare you unfit.

The possibilities are endless.

It's like accepting a gift of money from your mother-in- law. Oh you thought that was free?

No, the price is your kids wear the clothes she likes and do the activities she likes. Don't don't like beauty pageants? Too bad, mom loves them and if you want the goods, you'll make peace with having your daughter twirl on the runway while mom,"Ooohs and Aawws".

So yes, the philosophy is fucked.

How much of this health care plan that is philosophically and legally feasible is actually politically feasible and how much and how far can they push? Well, we shall see.

This will affect everyone.

NDAA however, is the power to kill.

NDAA is the power to imprison.

NDAA is the power to send anyone to a foreign land to place a check mark for all of the above.

It does not affect everyone. It only affects those who are politically expedient for it to affect.

That is me

and possibly, if you are an active libertarian; that is you.

Control over health care is important in that it really truly does affect everyone . Not just those at the top of  Martin Niemöller's  first they came for .   .  .   list .

So maybe, in that way, it really truly is that important.

Maybe this is the today's tea tax and or stamp act. Those not yet jaded and so full of enthusiasm had no idea the road ahead in this movement (thank God). Maybe, combined with the hard cold reality that Ron Paul could not get a fair shake, and make no mistake, to the young people who were new to the idea of freedom, the fact that the laws do not apply to those in charge was a cold hard and surprising slap, it really is important.

Here's to hoping that now that it is evident, we are not getting what we wanted for Christmas, that we received a deserved  C+ on our response to NDAA, that maybe this health care shove from Skut Farkus and his yellow eyes, so help me, yellow eyes, was  just one shot too many.



Randy said...

NDAA as far as I know did lose the ability to detain indefinitely. So now it's a tiger that's missing one tooth.

I thought Obamacare was bad then I heard the Supreme Court basically say the gov't can make us buy anything.

That Girl Tasha said...

When the Supreme Court rules something so obviously unconstitutional is A O.K. -I don't know - I think despair is the word.

I'm becoming more and more obsessed with the idea that there are never any good surprises in life. And this qualifies (except that it wasn't much of a surprise.)

Randy said...

"I'm becoming more and more obsessed with the idea that there are never any good surprises in life."

Hah, that's what happens when you become an adult/parent/aware. No news is generally good news.

I think most people didn't even understand the enormity of the decision. Or that it had nothing to do with Obamacare but what it was saying about our gov't and it's power to control.

Randy said...

Oh and yes that's the little bit of libertarian in me speaking but I'm still a republican. And although the differences in most dems and repubs aren't any where near as wide as they should be I do see a small difference. Bush didn't really surprise me much he's pretty much his Dad which wasn't anything to write home about. But comparing him to our current president does show me there is a difference. I don't trust democrat politicians because they lack caution when it comes to things that change the basis of our country. And consider the constitution just an old document really more of a guide line than anything. Little too early for this much ranting. Have fun living in free America some day I'll move.