Friday, July 16, 2010

The Revolution Continues . . .

For those of you outside of the libertarian soap opera that is Nevada, the quick explanation is Sue essentially fucked over Ron Paul republicans and it cost her the primary. We put together a package of condolences for her  and delivered to her headquarters.

Below is the press release.


Contact: Wayne or Jennifer Terhune
or Robert Terhune

Ron Paul Crowd Sends Condolences to Sue Lowden

LAS VEGAS, 6/15/2010—Supporters of former presidential candidate Ron Paul delivered condolences to Sue Lowden's Las Vegas office yesterday regarding her recent loss in the Republican Senatorial primary. Along with a tongue-in-cheek '"sympathy" card, they sent Mrs. Lowden a copy of the U.S. Constitution and "Robert's Rules of Order". Signers of the card include Dr. Wayne Terhune, and Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, who was a delegate to the Nevada Republican 2008 convention and a member of the platform committee, as well as numerous other delegates.

"The American people are tired of fake conservatives and corrupt politicians, and that's not just the Ron Paul people, it's the grass roots, salt-of-the-earth Constitutionalists of all kinds across the nation," said Stewart Rhodes. Dr. Wayne Terhune, who organized the delegate-run convention held in June 2008, said, "Even though it's too late to send the correct delegates to the convention in Minneapolis, Mrs. Lowden's defeat is just. As Senator Beers found out, the actions they took at the April 2008 convention have received their just reward."

The Nevada Republican 2008 Convention was illegally and abruptly adjourned (when it appeared Ron Paul was about to win the majority of delegates) on April 26, 2008, and never reconvened. The ballots cast during the convention were locked up in the Peppermill Hotel Casino in Reno and not counted until over a year later. Despite an appeal to the RNC Committee on Contests, delegates from Nevada were appointed by the RNC. As noted by Marc Thiessen in last Wednesday's (6/9/10) Washington Post, Sue Lowden's actions probably have cost her the election. "Sue Lowden's betrayal of the Ron Paulians at the NV State Convention was the deciding factor in her defeat for the Republican primary nomination," said Dave Freeman, Oath Keepers Nevada President and National Liaison to Peace Officers, who was also a delegate to the Nevada Republican Convention in 2008. "It was a serious miscalculation on her part and it cost all the old guard Republicans their positions as well."

"Sue Lowden is merely reaping the whirlwind, and this is only the beginning," Rhodes added. "Hopefully our political leaders in the future will remember what happened, and will act honorably. Sue Lowden's unlimited funds couldn't buy this race. There's no price on integrity."