Sunday, December 12, 2010

Life Lesson From Dad or Never Walk with Your Hands in Your Pockets

When I was a kid, my dad had a theory that you should never walk around with your hands in your pockets.


He was quite a story teller and many a tale had misfortune woven into it via a man rendered helpless by trapped hands.

One day while going up a restaurant stairwell on a family evening out to dinner. A guy came up behind us and sort of "cut us off" and entered the stairwell first.

The free handed man in the danger sign above is far better off than our poor protagonist

His hands planted firmly into his Dockers and sleeves of his silver Members Only jacket pushed up to his elbows as he clip-clopped by.

Toady a Members' Only jacket is vintage cool; in 1983 it meant you were a dork like this guy.

He was also whistling (my dad had many many theories about people who whistle, mostly that they are full of themselves ) he made it to the top step, tripped and rolled all the way down like a kid rolling down a grassy hill and landed at our feet.

His hands never came out of his pockets.

He pulled one hand free when he landed to help himself up and then re-pocketed it and whistled off.

It was like my dad's imagination suddenly materialized in front of us.


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