Monday, February 22, 2010

Privacy vs Blogging

This blog started out as a sort of anonymous rant. 

Then I thought -what the heck-and put up some silly family pics, mostly of my dogs, for fun. 

Then people I know started reading my blog (this is when I went back and deleted all the bad thing I'd said about them) but now it's sort of going beyond that. Now people piles of people whom I've never met or electronically corresponded with are surfing methodically through my old posts and clicking on photos and such. 

Not too long ago we had sort of a rough time and I considered putting my thoughts down here, but then thought what about all those who wish me ill because my husband is that Oath Keeper guy

 This is the pic I tried to talk Stew into using for the Yale Alum professional book thingy -so much better than the bookshelf background

It's not just friends and a few co-blogger gals anymore. 

This was a bit troubling to me and I have considered shutting this blog down. 

But the more I thought about the hunchbacked google stalkers out there the more a single phrase seemed to block out all other thoughts

Fuck 'em