Sunday, September 06, 2009

Going Back to Veggie, Mormon Democrats and Labor Day

From the time that Stewart and I were married in '94 till our second baby was born, I was a vegetarian.

No greater cause involved, I just thought I try it for a few days and after that, meat just didn't look good to me anymore.

I think the one real advantage, health wise is, it forces you to premeditate meals.

When I get tired and it's dinner time, everyone knows it's going to be chicken and rice again. Now that I've gone veggie, that would mean just rice for me ( which would be cool if I were watching a Kurosawa samurai flick, with a bottle of Saki and some empty wrapping paper tubes for the slow scenes ). So vegetable steamer it is. I've found it's quick and easy to chop onions, peppers and a portabella mushroom with tomatoes and maybe some cheese on top. I almost always put out a spinach salad too but I just feel better having a nice platter of veggies. I love to see the kids with a nice colorful plate.

But what really spurred me on to go back to vegetarian was pure selfishness.

When I was a vegetarian, I weighed about 90lbs. I was also running about ten miles a day, in the heat, pushing a double jog stroller, something that's a bit easier to do ,time-wise, with one or two kids than it is now with five. But I think I'm going to refocus on that. I'm not so sure my knees can handle 10 miles a day but they can handle five or six.

On a different subject; Labor Day

Reading to our kids about the origin of labor day, reminded me of when I was ten and my mother went on strike.

I had a very Mormon family but they did have a secret .. . they were democrats. (Can you see here how I checked the libertarian box soon after my 18th birthday?)

I know there are some Mormon Democrats around but unless you are Harry Reid you're not getting invited to any fab LDS parties if anyone lets on.

Anyway, because of our strange household politics, there was a bit of a war going on.

Up until then, my dad could be literally leaning on the fresh pot of coffee (coffee!-another secret) and my mom could be literally across the room and my dad would ask her to pour a cup for him. And here's the weird part, she would do it.

Then came the whole equal rights amendments thing and I'm not sure how it all started but . . .

it ended with my mom marching around the house, hoisting a bottle of Era laundry detergent chanting;

"E" "R" "A" "E" "R" "A"

My dad even learned to make his own coffee after that small revolution.



Anonymous said...

I live near Missoula, MT. I've been enjoying reading your blog and am finding myself wanting to read more and wanting to find updates on how Stewart's mom is doing and other aspects of your life you've talked about. You remind me a lot of the women who shaped my life and made a deep impact on my when I was a teen (I'm middle aged now). We have a mutual acquaintance in Missoula.

ThatGirlTasha said...

I have been wanting to post an update for a while now on my mom in law . . .

Bordering on miraculous -a few weeks ago she could not lift her head for the agonizing pain. Sometimes in her sleep she would move a bit and scream in pain.

After two treatments of this chemo they use (I believe it is an experimental drug)she is walking with a walker.

Before she had multiple, visible, purple lumps in her neck the size of golf balls- now all gone.

The test they gave (marker test) to measure cancer shows around 40 points for a healthy person. When she was first diagnosed she was at 70. When her femur broke from cancer last summer she was 600, right before she started this new treatment she was almost 900.

After her first round of treatment she was down to 400 and it is certainly lower now as she has had two rounds of treatment and having a third this week.

It was hard to imagine she could have survived much longer the way she was but now she is up cooking spaghetti for the family.

Her doctors believe she is headed for complete remission.

Truly amazing.

Also the Oath Keeper thing is insane. The phone and emails have no end. It's a little like being carried off by a wave. It's also very emotionally tiring to have so many other people reading and analyzing things that my husband has written. It's just weird.

And glancing around the web and seeing so many people talk about him and his friends . . . I don't know . . . even when it's positive, it just feels like a lot of energy coming and going. I don't know how else to explain it.

It is nice to "hear" a Montana voice. It's cool to be with our families but I am very very homesick for Montana. Maybe when I get back there we can meet up for a coffee.


carol said...

don't know you but I like you

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.