Saturday, March 14, 2009 Coming soon . . .

The third photo on the wall is a picture of my dad. He passed away in 2006 , some of you may remember the post about it.

To everyone who emailed and commented here and around the web on my sister-in-law, thank you. I apologize for not giving a faster update but you know how emotionally draining these things can be.

She is doing much better and maybe her child to teen emotional state actually has helped to bounce back.

We're taking her skating with the kids this week. And then we'll think on how to handle the legal end.

In other news: hubby and friends have come up with something. It started out as a weekend long discussion a year or two ago and after launching it about a week ago has taken off like wildfire. Take a look.


PackSmack said...


My moniker is PackSmack(PS), NOT Packerwatch (PW). You wrote on my blog, RightHooks earlier today and then deleted your comment. However, an email is automatically perpetuated whenever someone leaves a comment, so I got to read what you wrote anyway. And you were addressing PW, not me, PS. I am a conservative, or good guy, PW is a liberal, or bad guy.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and for standing up for your husband's group.

And even though you wrote a spirited defense of your husband's group, PW and the other liberals who comment regularly on RightHooks will never get a clue no matter how clear you are. We hammer them every day and they just keep coming back for more.

The co-author on RightHooks, 'Ben' is an absolute expert on Islam and is as lethal of an anti-Islam weapon as there is on the internet. He proves Muslims wrong from their own sacred books, which Ben knows inside and out. If you would like to know what Islam is really about, that is, that its true nature is evil and wicked, follow along with Ben's posts. He is meticulous and unrelenting. I am extremely honored to have him co-author my blog.

Also, what your husband;s group is doing is way cool; that's why I posted about it. We're behind you 100%.

Hey, together we can shake this nation awake so that Obama's madness gets ousted.

Keep up the good fight.


Kyrie Eleison said...

hey tasha!

not really sure what i did to get your alert/comment (via righthooks) but i am glad i did :0). i am kyrieeleison2008 - and have commented a couple times on your partner's righthooks blog (which i LOVE and am learning alot from). contact me at: anytime.