Sunday, February 08, 2009

Heart Rocks-Imagine Britney doing a Led Zeppelin cover?

I had a ton of fun going to a Heart concert Friday night. Although I've never mentioned it on here, I am a die hard fan.

It occurred to me while listening to Ann sing that although she has an amazing voice, if she were just starting out today, she wouldn't have a chance because she doesn't look like Britney Spears.

In order to get radio play today you have to have enough money to pay the larger radio stations and in order to do that you need funding and in order to get funding you need to fit the formula; Britney fits it, Ann doesn't.

Watching them reminded me of the vast difference between the boy/girl band generation of music and the generation that grew up in the 50s and 60s.

I remembered as a kid watching the Osmond's (of course-we actually went to church with them) and the Mandrel sisters' shows, they all played multiple instruments, wrote music and sang at church concerts growing up. Against that family background there may have been one or two standouts who had both a lifelong study of music and preforming behind them and also an amazing natural talent that was obvious to all.

This was how stars were born and this is what I saw watching Ann and Nancy put down a guitar and pick up a mandolin, drop a microphone and pick up a flute, put down a mandolin pick up a harmonica ect. and then laughed to myself imagining Britney running around grabbing instruments trying to figure out which end to play (No hate to Britney, I simply don't know the names of any other recent pop star types. You can insert any pop artist's name there, I'm sure.)

Ann Wilson has a voice that is stunning. Like listening to an opera singer at their peak; just her voice alone can send a chill down your spine. But their music is also a lot of fun. And even more fun when your hubby surprises you with tickets :) like mine did.

And since I can't seem to post even about a rock concert without it turning political, I'll have to add this. If you remember during he election Sara Palin's nickname during high school was Sara Barracuda. And whenever she came out to give a speech, she came out to Heart's Barracuda.

Being one of the original Seattle garage bands with the politics that the culture demands, Heart was not happy and supposedly published this letter. It appears to be a spoof done by a Seattle paper, but is funny just the same.

Some Heart clips below as well.


Nancy doing Tom Petty's You Wreck me

Ann's version of Immigrant Song


Monday, February 02, 2009

Another reason Montana Rocks-Glacier Bank Tells Government to Fuck Off!

That's right, Glacier Bank turned down the bailout money.

One more reas
on to love Montana.

What's not to love about a state that threatens succession over the Heller decision and is at it again over the
made in Montana firearms bill. Why the Freestaters chose New Hampshire I'll never know

"Also, then the government would become a shareholder in the bank.
Philosophically, we sure didn't think it was a road we wanted to go down. " -President and Chief Executive Officer Mick Blodnick

Take that Bank of America!

And what road are they talking about? Maybe the Road to Serfdom?

We've been banking with BoA by default since they took over the local Vegas bank we had an account with some 15 years ago.

But here's the thing, when we move back to Montana this spring/summer, I'm closing that piece of crap account and opening one with Glacier.

For me to say anything positive about a bank is bordering on a miracle.

Those who have been regular readers know that I was completely traumatized by a bank when at nineteen years old, the Mormon credit union I belonged to made me call my mother from the manager's office when I wanted to withdraw money.

The money was to purchase a car with my boyfriend.

Buying a car together suggested we lived together, which suggested we had sex together, which suggested the bank manager had to get my mom on the phone right away (ya, the same guy I married and have five children with).

So anyway, Mick Blodnick, I fully support what you're doing but if you ever try to make me call my mother, it's over.


Nation's No. 1 bank turns down bailout money

By NANCY KIMBALL/Daily Inter Lake
Published: Saturday, January 31, 2009 11:46 PM CST
Glacier tops financial scorecard

Glacier Bancorp of Kalispell made national headlines twice last week.

Bank Director magazine named it the best bank in the country. And Glacier announced it would take no bailout money from the federal government's Troubled Assets Relief Program.

President and Chief Executive Officer Mick Blodnick is honored that the nationally respected magazine put the bank holding company in the lead spot in its annual ranking of the top 150 performers nationwide.

But there's more to the story.

"What we as a company, all of our 11 banks collectively, take more pride in is the fact that for the last five years we have been in the top five," Blodnick said Friday. "We were number two last year and number three the year before.

"Number one is nice," he said, "but all of us feel more proud of the fact that consistently we have been up there for some time."

Glacier Bancorp, with $5.03 billion in assets, is the holding company for Glacier Bank in the Flathead Valley and 10 other independent banks in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and Washington.

The magazine's top ranking is compiled from six different criteria measuring return on average assets, return on average equity, two measures of capital adequacy, and two indicators of loan quality.

More here

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