Wednesday, October 01, 2008

No cool title today

This whole birth thing is sort of creeping up on me. Yesterday I hit 34 weeks, this is sort of deadline in the world of homebirth. It's when you order your birth kit and when you start taking some gentle herbs to ready your uterus.

Since this is most likely my last baby, I've pulled out the stops. I just ordered a belly cast kit and yesterday we splurged on a 4D ultrasound. We also cheated and found out we're having a boy. I always liked being surprised but I thought it would cool to know this time around.

The 4D thing is pretty amazing. With six weeks to go, we discovered this little guy is already 6lbs.

It's seems so strange to look at this little guy and know that he's only a few inches from the outside world. It seems like it should be so simple for him to get outside.

Oh well, the next deadline for me is about two weeks out when I start knocking on the neighbors doors and telling them not to call the police when they hear blood curdling screams coming from my house.



dare2bfree said...

Congrats to you both! Hopefully these last few weeks will be a breeze for you!

Christine said...

Hi - your blog came up on my email alert today. Congratulations! Thought you might love a Belly Imprint - an easier, more relaxing and elegant belly cast. It includes aromatherapy and one piece of sculpting fabric vs. lots of casting strips. Check it out :) Enjoy!

ThatGirlTasha said...

Thanks, Mrs. D.

I am really starting to get nervous though. Hopefully that will pass when I get a bit closer.

dare2bfree said...

you nervous? You've got to be considered a pro at this thing by now :D

Good vibes and wishes going out your way for a healthy baby and a quick delivery!

PammyV said...

The 3D ultra sound is so amazing! We missed out on those as Zander was born just as they became more common.

BTW, you have me linked (thank you)but it's through WLVHS. Here are my official blog link:
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And good luck with the birth!