Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rocket Man

Well, I've never been a regular of Reddit, I'm mostly a Digg girl.

But today I'm glad I stopped by and found this gem awaiting.

This is definitely a weekend sort of post, the kind where the kids gather round and say," Oh, God what in the heck is that?"

So pour a fresh of cup of coffee, turn up the speakers, click it to full screen and enjoy:

William Shatner's rendition of

"Rocket Man"


Robin said...

I saw this when it first aired, in 1979, on the Science Fiction Film Awards show. I was too young then to appreciate the camp value of the performance; it struck me a stupid and pointless. "Family Guy" did a hilarious send up of this, with Stewie Griffin capturing virtually every nuance of Shatner's bizarre Elton John cover. See if you can find it on YouTube.

ThatGirlTasha said...

I did happen by the Family Guy clip when I saw it mentioned on Reddit-pretty funny stuff.

The most amazing thing about Shatner's version is it just won't leave your head. It just keeps playing.

I'm a rock - it maaaan.

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