Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nevada Ron Paul delegates, hospitals and flying chairs

I am purposely avoiding the topic of elections. We had something absolutely insane happen, here in Nevada, with our RNC delegates. Essentially, what it breaks down to is a year of my life and thousands of dollars wasted.

I have to wonder if Kent Snyder really needed to literally give his life to the cause of liberty, when no one really appreciated it. I’m just not even ready to discuss how entirely fucked up, Benedict Arnold style, these last few weeks have been.

So I’m just going to talk about my mundane life.

Today’s outrage? Hospitals

My mom broke her back last Friday.

My mom is in her seventies, but this was not a- fall out of bed and break your hip- type thing.

My parents had a window manufacturer for some forty years and after my dad died, she and my aunt (also in her seventies) cleared out the glass shop BY THEMSELVES.

Yes, I am shouting, because you cannot imagine the amount of heavy equipment this place held- huge saws from the 1960’s, a glass washer that reminds of the Hadron Collider and piles of metal and glass.

Well, now there is still a bit of scrape metal and glass at the house and my mom decided to clean it up.

The hospital viewed her accident like this;

A little old lady was lifting some trash into a can; the weight was too much for her bones, her back fractured.

The way it happened was like this;

A retired contractor was lifting a commercial sack containing the crushed remains of at least TWO SLIDING GLASS DOORS, she lifted it but the strain re-fractured a previous fracture from an on-the-job accident 15 years ago.

The condescending attitude was amazing and one point the doctor recommended a nursing home. I wasn’t there for that –he‘s lucky she didn’t throw a chair at him; my dad had ducked chairs over the years for far less.

The explanation of the previous fracture should have been enough to shake some sense into him. The conversation went like this;

Q: You fractured your spine in two places and broke your collarbone in 1994. How did this happen?

A: Well, I fell off a roof and landed on my shoulder onto concrete, at the time, I was on way too high a dosage of thyroid medication and it was eating up my bones.

Q: What were you doing up on a roof?

A: Looking at him like he’s the biggest idiot on the planet. Well, I was roofing.


Oh well, another reason to homebirth. Condescending attitude?

Watch for falling chairs.


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Mark Wadsworth said...

"I was roofing". Brilliant.