Saturday, July 05, 2008

Kent Snyder; A truly good man

For those who don't know; Kent Snyder, chairman of the Ron Paul presidential campaign died on June 26,2008 after a long illness. It was Kent who convinced Dr.Paul to run for president. We've known Kent for about ten years.

I never worked with Kent Snyder and I never talked politics with him (unless you count the great
Tele-Tubbie controversy of '98, which we discussed at length, since my son never went anywhere without his Tele-Tubbie in tow). I hadn't spoken with him (in person) since the Ron Paul presidential campaign began. But like all truly wonderful people, just the little contact I had with him touched me dearly.

I first met him in 1998 when my husband, Stewart, worked for Ron Paul.
Kent came on board to run Dr. Paul's Liberty Committee. He and Stewart quickly became friends, soon Kent was spending many a Friday evening having spaghetti with us in our tiny townhouse.

Working for a congressman, as many people know, is really an occupation best fit for a single person. But at the time of hubby's employ, we had a two year old, a baby on the way and me- a stay at home mom.

Obliviously, this was a difficult financial situation (despite the fact that Dr. Paul personally helped us out on many occasions).

I was nine months pregnant with baby two when our poor little Honda Accord with 200,000 miles on it finally blew. So Kent would show up early for spaghetti and drive us to the grocery store.

A couple of weeks later my friend and midwife flew into town to assist in my baby's homebirth. I thought I had everything I needed for the birth but afterward realized that I'd made a huge error.

As anyone who has had more than one child knows the afterpain of birth get worse with each baby-sometimes rivaling labor. Twenty minutes after the birth, I realized I needed like a gallon of Tylenol, I was in agony.

Within a hour, Kent arrived to greet baby Sedona and to present me with a giant bottle of Tylenol.

Kent joked that he looked over the store shelves tying to figure out the best one to get and thought to himself-Hmm -"Regular or extra strength? Well, huh, for childbirth-probably extra strength."

He was immediately my hero.

Years later my husband graduated from law school and Kent drove up from Virginia to Connecticut to attended the ceremony. He handed Stewart a beautiful congratulations card that was addressed to both of us saying -this is to both of you; because he never could of achieved this without you-words that still choke me up.

Through the years, I don't think we ever made a major life decision without consulting Kent.

We will miss you, Kent.


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