Friday, May 30, 2008

Beautiful slideshow

This is the homebirth of Emma. I've lost the link to her mommies blog but will post it after I hunt it down. An incredible contrast to the last story I posted.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I definitely have birthing on my mind lately. My due date is still months away but I just been obsessed with birth stories and such lately.

I ran across this "lovely" article today. It makes me very very grateful that all my babies were born safe and sound at home.

I've copied the first part and linked to the rest.

Happily I have much nicer birthday stories to share with you all a bit later.


Threatened, intimidated, bullied, violated: this is hospital birth as many mothers experience it. Amity Reed reports on the little-recognised crime of birth rape

When Lynsey* went into hospital to have her baby, she expected to leave a mother. After many hours of difficult labour and a wholly unexpected turn of events, she exited the building not only a mother but a victim of assault. Like thousands of other women, she was violated in the worst possible way when at her most vulnerable. What she had experienced was birth rape, and she would never be the same.

The idea of being raped while giving birth is difficult to imagine. In most people’s minds, rape means forced sexual intercourse where a penis is inserted, forcefully and without consent, into another person’s body. Some broaden that definition to include objects as well as body parts. But still, we often picture rape as an act of demented sexual anger and misogyny, perpetuated by sick individuals. In fact, rape is more frequently a display of power and control, a way to subjugate another human being. And it doesn’t just happen in dark alleyways, bedrooms tinged with the smell of alcohol and ‘mixed signals’, or in war zones. It can (and does) happen in some of the most respected and revered institutions in the land - hospitals.

A woman who is raped while giving birth does not experience the assault in a way that fits neatly within the typical definitions we hold true in civilised society. A penis is usually nowhere to be found in the story and the perpetrator may not even possess one. But fingers, hands, suction cups, forceps, needles and scissors… these are the tools of birth rape and they are wielded with as much force and as little consent as if a stranger grabbed a passer-by off the street and tied her up before having his way with her. Women are slapped, told to shut up, stop making noise and a nuisance of themselves, that they deserve this, that they shouldn’t have opened their legs nine months ago if they didn’t want to open them now. They are threatened, intimidated and bullied into submitting to procedures they do not need and interventions they do not want. Some are physically restrained from moving, their legs held open or their stomachs pushed on.

Desperate for the attack to stop, she lashed out and tried to kick the woman away, only for another midwife to firmly hold her feet down

Lynsey, whom I met on an internet support group for birth trauma survivors, tells of how her midwife rammed a hand up into her vagina to manually dilate her cervix (a procedure that is very painful and ill-advised) because she had been up all night and was “tired of how long this was taking”. Even as Lynsey squirmed and screamed “No! Get off of me!” while dealing with the excruciating pain of another monster contraction, she was laughed at and mocked for being a “bigger baby than the one she was trying to push out”. Lynsey looked to her partner for support, but he just held her hand and whispered soothing words as the midwife continued to assault her genitals. Desperate for the attack to stop, she lashed out and tried to kick the woman away, only for another midwife to firmly hold her feet down. When the procedure didn’t speed things up satisfactorily enough for the staff on shift that night, Lynsey’s labour was declared as ‘failure to progress’ and she was rushed into theatre for what she feels was an unnecessary caesarean.

Lynsey said of the experience: “When the midwife ripped off her blood-stained glove after she had finished with me and threw it on the floor in disgust, I felt as if she had completely discarded my dignity as well. I went numb, unable to speak for the remainder of the labour, remembering the disgust in her eyes when my body and my behaviour didn’t match her expectations. To then be cut open felt like punishment for not being a ‘good girl’ and complying.”

Violating and abusing patients into submission to make things simpler for health care professionals is not an acceptable excuse, no matter how many hours they’ve been on shift

As a result of this trauma, Lynsey suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and tokophobia (fear of childbirth). She became deeply depressed, had nightmares and flashbacks, trouble bonding with her son, and her marriage nearly broke down because her husband couldn’t acknowledge that she was raped by the midwife and he had stood by while it happened. He begged her to stop calling it rape and to let it go, get on with her life. As so many new mothers can attest, any anger, sadness or disappointment expressed about the birth is usually swept under the rug. Everyone says: “Yes, but it’s all in the past now. You have a healthy baby and that’s all that matters.” As if the woman who endured the birthing experience was merely a passive observer, the emotionless vehicle through which the baby arrived.

After two years of therapy, medication and joining a support group with other women who have experienced severe trauma and mistreatment during childbirth, Lynsey is finally starting to heal but will never forget the humiliation and degradation she suffered at the hands of a medical team hell-bent on forcing her to submit. Every time she looks at her caesarean scar she remembers how frightened, violated and alone she felt. But she’s tired of keeping quiet and wants other women to know, especially those who campaign to end violence against women, that rape can and does happen to women giving birth and that it’s no less serious than those crimes fitting the more accepted definition. More and more women are coming forward and sharing their stories but it’s still a tiny proportion of those who have been assaulted. Even more so than ‘regular’ rape victims, these women feel they won’t be believed and will be ridiculed. Going up against a rapist is scary enough, but when your rapist is a well-respected doctor or matronly midwife at an NHS hospital run by the British government, the odds of a successful complaint or criminal prosecution seem remote and insignificant.

So how in the world did we get to this point, where scores of women are being treated like slabs of meat on a butcher’s table or cogs in the machinery of a conveyor belt? We believe that western medicine is so advanced and our technology so incredible that we rarely stop to think about the effects they have on biological processes and people themselves. Some things are not meant to be tampered with too much and childbirth may be one of them. While we have been conditioned to believe that hospitals are the safest places to birth babies, studies show that the risks of infection are higher, maternal satisfaction with the experience is lower and maternal and infant mortality rates are the same or worse for low-risk mothers delivering in hospital as for those babies born at home to low-risk mothers.

Women who experience rape or abuse in the maternity ward often plan for caesareans (which have their own, very real risks), terrified of going through the pain and degradation again, or forgoing hospitals altogether and birth their babies at home

Many are quick to state that without modern technology, women would be dying in droves like they did ‘in the old days’. While it is true that many women died during childbirth in decades and centuries past, there is more than just the absence of technology to account for that. Poor diet, the prevalence of infectious diseases and conditions such as rickets (a calcium and vitamin D deficiency) which can result in pelvic deformity, unhygienic living conditions, contaminated water, lack of antibiotics to treat infections, lack of blood supplies for successful transfusions and poorly informed birth attendants were more often than not the cause of death, not a lack of epidurals and electric foetal heart monitors.

The incidence of babies being too big to pass through a pelvis, getting truly stuck or being in such distress as to warrant a caesarean is much smaller than current advice would have us believe. At the moment, the caesarean rate is the highest it has ever been in the UK, at 23%. Considering that it was under 3% in the 1950s and 12% by 1991, such a huge leap in the past 15 years is alarming. While caesareans are a necessary means of delivery for the small percentage of births that truly require them (the World Health Organization and NICE guidelines recommend a rate of no more than 10-15% in any country) and should be celebrated when used appropriately and in the right circumstances, too many are performed for reasons the medical professionals are not keen to admit - lack of space and beds, lack of staff and resources to support a woman through a vaginal birth and the rising concern with covering themselves from a legal standpoint. When the slightest drop in heart rate or a long labour sends the surgeon scrambling for a knife, is that progress? Or has the medicalisation of birth gone too far?

The rest here

Monday, May 26, 2008

For Memorial Day; Two kinds of Good-bye

This photo has been around the internet a few times but is certainly very appropriate for today.

If you are unable to read the captions it says-

"This is my friend Steve, saying bye to his brother who is off to Iraq.

And this is my same friend, months later, at his brother's funeral, saying bye for the last time."

Thursday, May 01, 2008

End Real I.D,Patriot & Military Comm. Act say Nevada REPUBLICANS

2008 Nevada Republican Platform demands an end to real I.D.,Military Commissions and Patriot Acts.

Says to return to gold standard(sound familiar?),for the government to butt out of homeschoolers lives and much to the dismay of the McCain camp; to dump the MCCAIN Feingold Act.

Rumor has it that McCain's camp & the RNC are PISSED!

That is ALWAYS a good day!

Dear Hubby was on the platform committee. He says his part was small but he can be very persuasive.

He was raised around motivational speakers and reverends-no wonder he's a lawyer.

He's the only person I know who can talk about the power of the jury (yes, that's right- the right
to jury nullification is on there too) and bring a tear to your eye.

He's a copy of the now infamous platform, but please click the read more link to hubby's blog as he has a first hand account on how it all went down.


We believe that government is instituted solely to secure the life, liberty and property of the citizens of the country, that the Declaration of Independence defines the philosophical foundation of the country, that the Constitution of the United States is the basic law governing the existence and operation of the U.S. Federal Government and the first ten amendments describe its limits, and , as Thomas Jefferson said, that the government that governs least governs best.

Federalism & Limited Government

1. We support less government, less taxes, less regulation and more self determination.

2. All legislation, Federal Agencies, and public servants must adhere to a literal interpretation of the U.S. Constitution and as instructed by the Tenth Amendment, in conjunction with Article I, Section 8.


3. We recognize the importance of the national values expressed by our flag, anthem, pledge-of-allegiance and other patriotic symbols that define us as a nation and we believe that the words, “in GOD we trust,” should remain on our currency and the words “under God” should remain in our Pledge of Allegiance.

Taxes and Government Spending

4. We support reform of Social Security, including establishment of private retirement accounts and prohibiting use of its funds for any other purpose. All citizens shall have the right to opt out of the system, but the government must honor its commitments to those who have paid, are legally in the U.S., and remain in the system. We propose the abolishment of the Windfall Elimination Tax when computing Social Security Benefits. We oppose Nationalization of Healthcare.

5. We urge the Nevada Legislature to cut spending and avoid new taxes to encourage strong economic growth. We support the Nevada Constitutional Requirement of a 2/3 majority legislative vote to raise state taxes. We support balanced state, local and federal budgets. We oppose unfunded mandates, Riders, Ear-marks and Set-asides at both the state and national level. We support the permanent elimination of the Federal Death Tax.

The Economy

6. We support a strong private minerals industry. We support the Nevada Mining Association endorsed reform of the 1872 mining law and strongly oppose any laws, regulations, ordinances or any other legally binding actions that diminish the ability of the minerals industry to discover and or access minerals and mine them.

7. Fires are increasing because of the lack of livestock grazing. Therefore, livestock grazing shall be increased immediately on Federal Lands.


8. We support a parent’s right to choice in education including vouchers, charter schools, and home schooling. We also support the elimination of the U.S. Dept. of Education. We further oppose requiring licensure for parents who choose to home school. We support the elimination of the No Child Left Behind law and require the State of Nevada to replace the No Child Left Behind concept.

Family Values

9. We affirm the sanctity of human life and the inherent dignity of each human being from conception to death and oppose cloning complete human beings. We support the private development of adult stem cell research and we support all efforts to stop human trafficking. We support the definition of marriage as only between one man and one woman.

The Environment

10. We support initiatives to maximize the development of America’s domestic oil, gas, coal, solar, wind, geothermal, and nuclear resources, and the development of alternative sources of energy to reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil. We support granting local government more authority in decision-making regarding water rights within their jurisdiction.


11. We demand the repeal of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 and reaffirm the right of free political speech. We support legislation to require full disclosure of all donations made to political candidates.

12. We support the repeal of the Federal Reserve Act and the return of the power of minting and coining money to the Congress of the United States as so stated in the Constitution. In addition we demand a return to a gold and/or silver backed currency as provided for in the U.S. Constitution.

13. We demand that electronic voting only be allowed when uniquely numbered receipts are provided to the voter and results are made publicly available showing simultaneously all votes comprising the total by receipt number.

The Litigation Crisis

14. We believe in informing juries that it is their power and duty to decide on both the law and the facts as they apply to each case so that justice is the main priority. We support election of judges.


15. We welcome legal immigrants from all nations, cultures and races. We demand strict enforcement of all immigration laws by all levels of government. We demand that the federal government secure our borders. We do not support amnesty, government benefits or other special treatment for aliens who have or will enter the United States illegally. We support English as the official language of the United States and the printing of government materials in English only.

National Defense and Veteran's Affairs

16. We support all of our men and women in the military who are serving both in the United States and around the world and the missions of all U.S. troops around the world. Be they active duty, National Guard, or reservist, they have our highest admiration and respect. We support honoring veterans with education benefits and we support a strong Veterans Administration subject to strong oversight and audit, to assure veterans and families receive the care and support as promised.

Constitution, Bill of Rights and Protection of Rights

17. We believe that the First Amendment to the Constitution was intended to prevent a state-sponsored religion rather than a separation of God from public life. We affirm that the Second Amendment protects an individual right which should be enforced as strictly as the rights protected by the First Amendment.

18. We support repealing the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act. We support repeal of the federal act requiring a national ID card or other required identity papers providing government with “big brother” intrusion into constitutional freedoms.

US Sovereignty & trade

19. We support the withdrawal of the United States from the United Nations. We demand that Nevada join Montana, Idaho, Utah and other states in opposing the North American Union (NAU) in withdrawing from the Security & Prosperity Partnership (SPP), withdrawing from North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and that Congress resume their duty of regulating Commerce with Foreign Nations.

Public Lands

20. We oppose Federal legislation regarding public lands including wilderness in Nevada counties unless approved by the county.



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