Monday, April 07, 2008

The Best of ThatGirlTasha

Every artist from time to time feels the need to consolidate their decent work and edit out all the crap no one wants to read or look at or listen to anyway.

For some it's a way of filling time when they are too lazy to create new stuff (this is me) or when they realize they've created so much stuff that when they go looking for one of their favorite creations they can't find it,in the endless pile of crap (this is also me).

Some "Best Of's" have been a blessing to humanity.

Others should never have been made.

Please don't do anything unnatural with the above two photos, like set them as desktop backgrounds on your co-workers computer.

I hope to fall in the middle somewhere.

Eventually, this post will find a permanent home
off to the side of my blog but I suppose that would be a bit redundant whilst it rests at the top of my page.

And with that intro I give to you,

The Best of That Girl Tasha

Stupid Media

This was a spurred on by an article (about the media) that I linked to but turned into a bona- fide rant and rave -I didn't know I had such subconscious issues with Katie Couric.

Art Scott and the flying Refriderator

This is just what the title says; a personal story about a friend who got back at his boss in a most unusual way.

MILF -hood and Wheatbread

A post that began as an article on making kick-ass bread but turned out to be something more. For the most obvious of r
easons, it is my most Googled post.

Hollis Wayne Fincher

If you have not heard of him or his story; please read this post.

You'll never see it in the mainstream press.

This story has been so underreported that I have actually received emails from reporters living in Mr. Fincher's town, simply because they can't dig up much more than my blog post.

My rant against male bashing

I was reading and posting on a horrible story concerning a father being threated with jail for waving at his daughters.

And the more I p
osted the more irritated I became; that we live in a society which considers fathers to be second class parents.

The result from my tantrum is still probably my favorite post.

Random facts

A meme I was tagged with- a little about me. Stories I've even forgotten about from my life; including a drive by shooting and a ghost story.

Thankfulness-not what you think.

I refuse to elaborate on this one-you'll just have to click.

Hey,Dana, where are the female fighters?

Trying to train in mixed martial arts, as a woman, in the early nineties-you would have thought it was 1893.

How to go from a migrant farm worker to Yale Law grad

The story of my husband's journey from poverty to Yale grad.

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