Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kudos to the Paulian camerman at the Clark County republican convention

Well, I survived the convention. It was far more painful to attend than I even imagined.

At 9 o’clock, in the AM, a cover band began playing-inserting the word democrat in place of the occasional lyrical villain and republican in place of the song’s victorious hero. This went on for an hour, but it seemed more like seasons or possibly an ice age or two were passing (however, if my grandmother were alive, she’d want me to mention the mean Lawrence Welk impression).

It may have been almost bearable on the main floor, but I was in the “fun “ room - the overflow room designed for people who need to get up a lot, wish to talk on cell phones or have kids with them. In this room we had the view of two big screens, the volume on them was turned up like a Kiss concert. Only instead of Kiss singing about chicks and noise, it was; Mommas don’t let your babies grow up to be democrats. During a rousing rendition of the twist, we were advised to get up and dance . I phoned my husband in the main room to inquirer if he was, in fact, twisting, To my surprise, he answered a resounding,”No.”

The best part of the whole thing was the, apparent, Ron Paul supporting cameraman.

Now the folks in the main room with access to the microphones, to make motions galore, never saw what went up on those screens, but those of us in the overflow rooms saw it all, in larger than life Technicolor.

Every time some Nevada state republican whoever would give a canned speech, they would eventually come to the talking point about how we’re not like democrats, we’re not divided - how we will all stand behind one man. The crowd waved McCain signs.

Then the cameraman would pan to a waving Ron Paul sign; focus on it, then zoom, until the entire movie screen would fill with RON PAUL. And the crowds in the overflow rooms erupted into laughter at this audio/ visual coup.

Next step; Reno in April as I am now a delegate to the state convention - can't wait for the music.


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