Friday, March 07, 2008

County convention tomorrow-can I go back to being libertarian yet?

not my kitchen pictured above!-belongs to a bachelor : )

I really am still alive-this Ron Paul thing has me so exhausted I feel I might as w
ell of ran for president myself.

This weekend is the Nevada republican county convention; both hubby and I and our friend and his wife and my mother in law and my friend/midwife and all her family and just about everyone else I know are all elected delegates (for Ron Paul).

For the last few months there have been marches and sign waving and more marches and charity drives and tea parties and Paulapalooza and walking and walking door to door. I've been seeing precinct numbers in my head at night.

I'm just stunned that rest of the country just doesn't seem to want freedom all that much.

But I'm also pleased that it went as far as it did and even
more pleased that the message reached as many young people as it did.

We have started moving onto phase two, and for us in southern Nevada, one of directions that we have taken is teaching.

The Ron Paul Las Vegas Meetup has come up with a series of free classes.

The first two classes were on the constitution-sort a constitution for dummies where people can ask questions and not feel embarrassed. Future classes will

be on use of eminent domain and the bill of rights.

The first two were taught to a packed house with chairs spilling out to the hallway-They were professionally filmed and as soon as the edits are finished they will be available to all on Youtube.

And of course, I'll post them here when they're up (hubby teaches the constitution and bill of rights classes.)

Well, that's my excuse for being MIA; that and homeschooling and the kids' MMA classes and tournaments.

I'll let you all know how the riveting convention went ;)



Jordan Ross said...

Tasha, the short answer is NO. No shortcuts. You owe it to yourself and your beliefs to show up March 18th at Arizona Charlie's on Decateur for the Central Committee meeting. The convention had a wider ideological diversity than many people expected. If you are a Libertarian republican, then get to work! I'll support your right to speak and be heard.

ThatGirlTasha said...

Funny-I actually overheard a piece of conversation at the convention about this new crowd.

One woman saying she "didn't like these people at all"- the other saying "but we need the new blood."

Ya-I'll be there and in Reno come April.

I'll be the one under a pile of kids:)


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