Monday, January 21, 2008

Why the Nevada AP "delegate" count doesn’t mean shit

My three oldest at Pistol Pete's pizza with Ron Paul-my son said "Hey pizza
and Ron Paul,that's alright"

I am not a scholar of election law across the country –so those of you who are; please forgive me, if what I’m about to say is obvious and standard across the country.

In the state of Nevada, delegates do not declare or record the candidate of their choice until the convention. In some cases, they did not even state whom they would support to their precinct peers.

During the Nevada caucus a presidential preference straw poll was held; these are the votes that were sent out to the AP.

It would make sense that from these numbers, one could extrapolate a fairly accurate delegate count; assuming that those numbers correlate to representing delegates.

But Ron Paul’s anomalous, grass root’s campaign has, not surprisingly, created an anomalous situation with the caucus straw vote count.

Most people show up at a caucus not really knowing what the heck is going on.
This was especially true, here in Nevada, as this was the first presidential election where a caucus was held, instead of a primary.

Also, in Nevada is the Mormon factor; Mormons showed up in droves to support their guy.
But not in the frenzied, our country’s last chance, anything I can do and then some, kind of support; more like the- here I am, waving my flag, yippee- a Mormon for president, show me where to vote, kind of support.

Many of them seemed confused and focused on checking the box for Mitt and then getting to work, not really understanding that this is a game of delegates not straw poll results.

All of us Ron Paul supporters showed up with a subconscious LED screen scrolling across the inside of our eyelids;


So it was no surprise when we delegate hopefuls raised our hands to give one-minute speeches and stood to be voted for that many Mitt supporters waited for the other guy to do it.

In our precinct the vote look like this;

Mitt 13

Ron Paul 6
McCain 2
Thompson 1

Hunter 1

But out of six possible delegates the delegate count looked like this:

Ron Paul 3 delegates

Mitt 2 delegates

1 undecided delegate (on the fence between Mitt and Thompson)

Yes, that’s right - Mormons are out for blood against Huckabee –I think his campaign would do well to steer clear of Mountain Meadows.

These, out-of-sync results, are very similar to the results in my mom-in-law's precincts, my friend's precinct, also my friend/midwife’s precinct; all of whom are Ron Paul delegates.

I’m not saying Ron Paul came in first; I’m saying delegate-wise, McCain got his ass beat -along with Rudy and Huckabee.

And that is always a good day.



Anonymous said...

I live in Washoe county and this guy is not kidding the Brothers I saw vote all told me afterward that in thier mind the Ron Paul Delegates were very good and that to a man all said if the economy goes badly over the next couple of months they will vote for Ron.

The Wanderer said...

"this guy is not kidding"

Actually, the author was a she, the she who runs this blog. You know, "That Girl Tasha." So, you should have said, "that girl (Tasha) is not kidding."

She cusses in her article, which may have thrown you off. Personally, I like chicks who cuss. Kinda a turn on.

But I digress ... I do hope you are right, that if the economy continues to tank, the Romneyulans in the LDS church will finally wake the fuck up and do what is right, but I'm not going to bet on it!


Anonymous said...

Good brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.