Thursday, November 15, 2007

9 odd things and one bad ass Ron Paul sign party.

I was tagged by the lovely and brilliant Whimsigal, who is an awsome photographer, with a meme -and frankly I needed the inspiration to get over my writer's block-by-exhaustion.

This shouldn't be too tough, even while I nurse this baby and balance a cup of coffee on my overcrowded desk-

1. I pretty much grew up in a glass shop.

My parents had a glass and window shop for some 35 years and I learned to walk and talk and toddle among literally hundred of vertically stacked 8, 10 and 12 foot tall sheets of glass and tons and freshly but not so smoothly cut pieces of metal (imagine the picture above; but with all the glass in a dirt yard and me, in the middle, in my improvised sand box).

I never gave it much thought. Someone was always getting hurt though; my dad got really good at duct tapping his finger tips back on (he did the metal sawing) and there was at least once a week when someone would get a rally bad glass cut.
I don't think I'd let my kids in that yard even if they were covered in bubble wrap.

I have a fixation lately on anything from the 50's and 60's

I have this theory that because I am a stay art home mom and hardly anyone else is anymore, except maybe three other people, that I am out of sync and out of the loop of most of society.

I cook actual meals that are eaten at an actual table. I haunt eBay searching for 50's and 60's dinnerware -so that I don't have to serve gravy in a measuring cup and butter in a coffee cup.

I remember my mom's green Correll set; (from the early 70's) it had everything -sugar bowl, creamer, serving dishes.

With a modern set of dishes you get four bowls, four plates, four mugs.

What do you need a creamer for?

Coffee comes with it, in a paper cup, along with a heat shield and a cute little communist cliche printed on the side so you have something to read at the stoplights.

3. Back when I was 21ish the back half of my Camero was flattened by a semi truck.

Does this one count ? I might have mentioned this in the last meme-hhmmmm-I'm not sure.

Anyway, we walked away fine. Just a flat car. Two other cars were playing tag on the freeway and one hit me on the rear door and sent me a spinnin', the back half of my car slid under the wheels of the semi truck, which may have saved us because being run over slowed us waaay down before we crashed into the freeway wall.

4. I don't like chocolat
e chip cookies

5. I once wanted to be a firefighter.

I took the written test, scored high enough to make the next round, then found out I was pregnant with my first kid.

6. I still have to wear my retainer at night.

7. I don't know my right from my left.

8. I once had to receive an adrenalin shot from eating too many strawberries.

9. I inherited from my dad the ability to fix anything with duct tape and or twine and or a few nuts and bolts.
Everything that had ever been broken or might someday become broken, if not reinforced was repaired, including; my car's bumper, my dad's thumb (see #1 above), oven handles and all the toilets in
the house with a combination of the above.

10. I stayed up half the night mak
ing Ron Paul signs with a bunch of fellow revolutionaries.


Monday, November 05, 2007

100 Most Damaging Wikileaks

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