Monday, October 01, 2007

Playing catch up!

I really don't know where September went.

My kids really dove into the wrestling/MMA thing and I've had to get creative with the logistics of it all.

It seems we'll be moving into the library in the afternoons in order to squeeze school work between wrestilng and jui-jitsu without spending the entire day in the car.

Yes, it does seem, I am just filling blog space to make up for my absence, but not to worry; a quality post is forthcoming, although it will probably have to wait 'till tonight.



Cooper said...

She looks tough !!!

whimsigal said...

Cooper's icon is going to give me nightmares. When I was little I used to dream that I owed Animal money!! AN-I-MAL!

ok, sorry about that diversion. I have a more important comment. I love that purple wall...My room was purple when I was 12 or so and I adored it. Like Cooper said though, she looks tough. REAL tough! She's got the stance down pat!

scott said...

She's ready to kick Bubs' butt!

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