Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pajama Media cut Ron Paul from their straw poll because he was winning too much

Below is a clip from a pretty good article on Pajama Media's cutting of "2nd tier candidates" who were screwing up the polling by not staying in the second tier, which pajama Media feels is their rightful place.

Nothing worse than when someone doesn't know how to "stay in their place."


PJ Media, who has had a tragic history of fuckups, embarrassments, and going nowhere despite raising millions of dollars, have been holding online straw polls for months. After results of a poll that started the week of September 16th were tallied, anti-war Democratic presidential nominee Dennis Kucinich's 132 votes were good enough to earn him the "win" out of lefty hopefuls, and anti-war Republican prez nom Ron Paul collected 512 votes or 61% of the nods for righties.

Instead of accepting the fact that a) maybe even Pajama Media readers might agree with the majority of the country in being against this war b) they should be embarrassed that their poll can't even attract a thousand people c) Ron Paul might actually be popular among Internet-using conservatives AND liberals - Pajamas Media removed both Kucinich and Paul from this week's straw poll and last week's. -

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Becky C. said...

Yeah, I have mentioned this before, that somehow because these guys have whored themselves into the big bucks is somehow a reason we should treat them seriously and with great respect?

Americans do deserve the government they get!!!!

But at least I see Ron Paul's campaign raised $5 million in the last quarter, a bit more or roughly the same as McCaine.


Cooper said...


Dr. T said...

Got to love polls. If you don't get the answer you want, just toss out the results, and noone's the wiser -- except you can't do that with an online poll, can you?