Thursday, September 06, 2007

I watched the debates so you don't have to

I suffered through the blatantly hostile to Ron Paul, Fox news, republican debates so you don't have to-that is the kind of nice person I am.

Ron Paul, of course, kicked ass and was the only one who had anything to say.

Ron Paul is really starting to scare these punks.

Giuliani made an absolute ass of himself; guffawing and snickering as loud as possible whenever Ron Paul spoke.

Dr. No also had to debate the commentater, which is fine, Ron kicked his ass too.

Do yourself a favor, fast forward through all these clowns- it will save you the trouble of yelling at the screen.

Just skip to Ron.

If you really want to know what the dorks below had to say, I've gone to the trouble of putting all their stupid little prefab stories into one line for you.

Rudy: "I disarmed everyone in New York but somehow I'm still a republican."

McCain: "No, I won't sign your statement -I won't do it, I won't do it."

Romney: "Wire tap houses of worship-trust me it will save lives!"

Hunter: "Gitmo prisoners? -hold them forever."

Brownback: Said nothing, but he may have been switched with Gilbert Godfrey.

Huckabee: "I'd at least give it a good night's sleep before pushing that big, shiny, purdy, red button."

Tancredo: "Waterboarding is good, it's torture that's bad."


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dusty's Journey

My mom in law, Dusty Buckel, has just started her own blog.
She has a very interesting life (to say the least).

Here is a clip from her blog post on the Secret Santa program that she organizes every year.


Checkout the rest here.

One by one, we delivered them, until we got to the last two. We were cold and with runny noses, my uncle and I got out of the truck. I opened the tail gate as my uncle went knocking on the door, just about 50' from me. As I reached into the back of the truck for the bags I heard this little voice come running up to me. I turned to see a precious little boy, dark hair falling on his forehead, with the biggest dark eyes sparkling at me as he said.... "I knew he would come, I knew Santa would come. I told my Nana that I am not going to bed because Santa is coming and I will wait for him."

My tears just flowed down my cheeks as I bend down infront of him and said..."Yes, Mijo (son), Santa was so busy tonight he asked us to bring these to you because he has a lot of children this year." He answered,... "Yes, I know", and he ran skipping, in front of my uncle back to his apartment, as my uncle carried the two huge bags for this family. I just stood there, crying tears of Love, and said Thank You God, that we did not stay home and wait till tomorrow. This little guy was my Star of David on that beautiful Christmas Eve.

More here

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