Monday, August 20, 2007

Two poems

Thought I'd bare a little soul today-why not?
In lieu of smart assed commentary, complaints about the encroaching police state and thoughts on breastfeeding and male bashing, I give to you instead, two of my favorite short and sweet poems.

Rain Dance

Down pelts the rain
My bare feet sink into gritty, moist dirt
No one watching but my angels
I dance with each rain drop
The thunder cracks and I spin until the trees and hills blur together
The smell of electricity fills me
It's power charges through me and I run; just to feel the life and pain
My feet are cut and I dance
. . . For a moment
I can't remember which life this is
and for that moment I see it all from afar
I dance and stomp and run with only my angels watching


Your whisper rolls through my soul
I float on a gentle wave
Darkness like velvet
The softest velvet
Random images flash
Your thoughts or mine-I cannot tell which
Time a rushing river
Then a gentle stream
I take in forever
with every breath


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