Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stupid Media-Why Network News Sucks

I am in bed with a totally off season flu. It's 105 degrees in the early evening here and I am wrapped up in a down blanket that is so thick it probably never should have crossed the state line from Montana.

So in light of my devastating sore throat or in the words of the very wise philosopher, Dave Barry, the Martian Death Flu, I give to you a repost from February-no one read my blog back then anyway.


TV station fires news staff,asks locals to provide programming

Why? Because network news sucks-that's why.

I have been wondering for a while now how long it would be before the elitist style of news coverage would crash and burn.

As those in control at the major networks started to see a slide in ratings they thought,"Oh, must be that the audience is just too stupid for real news. We'll have to do more celebrity segments."

And then came Fox.

Fox flew into first place not because the entire world had turned neo-con but because it was a niche market that was completely ignored up until then.

I think I practically jumped up and down the first time I heard a segment involving a person shooting at an intruder in his home and it wasn't completely biased against guns.

But then, of course, reality set in.

Fox was just as insane as the other networks- they were just in favor of controlling every aspect of my life, for my own good, from the right (as opposed to from the left like NBC).

Because Fox had such success, all the networks, in a panic to figure out why no one was watching them, tried to go after the republican market (for the first time, even though they represent about half of the U.S.) but that didn't work either, because republicans were still bitter toward the old networks for ignoring them all these years.

One of the last times I watched a network news show was about five years ago.

Katie Couric was interviewing a woman who had written a book about living and working . . .

as a normal person.


She spent a year or two working as a waitress or a maid or whatever other jobs the rest of us, in the unwashed masses, have to endure. And she wrote about her experience.

Who was she writing this for?

Obviously, if you're an elitist writing a book about posing as a normal person, you must be writing for other elitists who are curious about this lifestyle.

We were the Gorillas in the Mist, or more accurately in the midst, and she lived among us like Diane Fossey, for a while.

I could not understand why this person was on television. I wondered if they thought perhaps they were on some special signal only beamed out to those who have never had to hold a job.

Well, the first thing I thought of when I heard this brave and courageous soul speak was her little experiment was flawed from the get go.

She was not living like a poor person-she was living like a well off, recent college graduate, taking a low paying job for a short time.

She was not starting out with a piece of shit car. She had a car that would get her through for a year or two without needing repairs that would roughly equal the price of said car.

She had a closet full of fairly new designer clothes-that would still look nice in a year or so and therefore she would be treated with respect when she moved about among her public.

She had a case full of Mac or some equally expensive brand of makeup and professionally styled hair.

All things she would keep up fairly cheap by adding to here and there with the grocery store stuff (assuming she didn't cheat and go to a salon with some of the money she was pretending not to have).

Her expensive personal items would last her through the year or two.

She would also have the knowledge that her "real" life was there as a fall back.

If she were to step into a thrift store with her hard earned twenty, she would not have to look to outfit herself entirely-shoes and underwear included.

She would not feel the weight of poverty and depression and wonder why she can't, just once, buy something new.

She would walk in the musty entrance of the thrift store with her $300 pair of Prada mule shoes and her cute $140 leather belt and a ridiculously overpriced spaghetti tank, search through the "boutique" section, the section that actual poor people never even look at, find a bohemian style skirt to piece together with her designer ensemble and walk out of there thinking,"Wow, you really can look good from a thrift store. It's just that these poor people don't know how to present themselves fashionably. They're poor for a reason, you know."

During this interview she mentioned that a woman she'd been working with busted her ankle and stayed at work hobbling around because she couldn't take the day off. And when she went home-she iced it and wrapped it (like the rest of us have to do, because she didn't have the $300 to throw away on a doctor) and came back to work the next day.

Both the author and Katie were aghast at this and shook their heads when they cut away to a commercial.

This was the end for me.

Two people doing a show for actual people but talking about us as though we were a zoo exhibit.

Tirade over- here is the article on the beginning of the end for the aspiring Courics of the world;


Steve Spendlove realizes that after last month's layoffs of most of the news-gathering staff at tiny KFTY-TV in Santa Rosa there will be less local coverage. The Clear Channel executive overseeing the station knows there won't be reporters to investigate local scandals, let alone do those fluffy woman-turns-100 features that make TV anchors cock their heads and smile at the end of a newscast.

But Spendlove said that the station's "business model" hadn't been working for years, and that "covering one-eighth of the Bay Area" is neither a moneymaker nor even an operation large enough to be measured by Nielsen ratings.

More here


Becky C. said...

thank you Tasha for the nice comments. I appreciate them so much. I am hurting right now. And you understand that as a Mom.

But those pics you got up. I think you may be latent gay--LOL:)

thank you so much.


ThatGirlTasha said...

I DO understand as a mom and I hope this somehow all works out.

I really hope that I'm misreading the "clues" and that the "feds" aren't out chasing down a good mom.

Ya-that last cowgirl pic does look like something you would put up. LOL

Lynndin said...

My favorite is when these morning shows try to show us how to shop on a budget. They bring out some chick in a $500 outfit, then compare it with a "cheap" version for like 200 bucks and they all say wow what a bargain. Clearly these people don't go to Ross;)

Cooper said...

Your scope isn't broad enough. TV sucks. Period. FOX, or as I call it DCNN (Dick Cheney News Network), is the largest purpotrator of biased "news" in the industry - not that any of the networks provide "news" - it's all just info-tainment hogwash.

Good post.