Sunday, August 19, 2007

Neocon Think Tank Calls for Enslaving or Killing All Mexican Immigrants

"The very least that must be done to halt the Hispanic invasion is the mass enslavement, or execution, of the invaders, which must be followed by an American invasion of Mexico to enforce American language and values upon the Mexicans" - Philip Atkinson, Neocon Wacko, May 11, 2007, on Family Security Matters website. Yes, he is at it again!

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scott said...

When I said, "Let's invade Mexico and make it into new states", I meant it entirely in jest, as you know. THIS guy is nothing more than a genocidal fuck bent on global domination. How can anybody take what he says seriously? Oh, yeah...they ARE, after neocons...there ain't a bright one in the bunch! Let's exterminate this guy's family, freinds, and the rest of this so-called "think-tank" to enforce life, liberty, and the good pursuit. Oh yeah, that's right, we are all Libertarians. We believe in the right to say what you want, where you want to say it, but isn't what this guy is doing akin to "inciting a riot" amongst those feeble-minded neocons? You know, shouting "fire" in a crowded theatre? How long until they pull his latest post down and attempt to hide what they are REALLY about for just a little while longer? And, Tasha, you don't have to comment on what I just spewed, just let it sit out there to hopefully draw comments all on it's own!


scott said...

O.K., I get it, this was ALREADY pulled off the website. Well, hopefully, Atkinson's rants stay alive, forever, in cyberspace. Thanks, guys (you AND Stew, I just saw his blog, too) for doing your part.


Anonymous said...

FSM is a hate group, the only reason they pulled Atkinson is because his president for life piece made the mainstream circuit. And they aren't some smalltime group either they are a trial balloon for a major neo-con think tank.

ThatGirlTasha said...

Can you imagine-this is not some fly by night deal.

This guy was calling for the killing and enslaving of Mexicans in May and they left that up too.

I don't get it-did they think the internet was a private conversation?