Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rudy at it again

Once again, I don't seem to have time to post but I just don't want to see Rudy's face at the top of my blog anymore.

Hubby is just a few days away from the NV bar exam and it's a doosey, on a par with the California one. He is, of course, a genius so I'm sure he'll do fine.

Hubby also has a cool new gig writing a column (Enemy at the Gates) for SWAT magazine. His first article comes out in a few weeks, in the September issue.

All of these things at once require that the never ending Spartan like battles among the shorter members of the household, remain somewhat muted.

This is not as easy as it seems when it's 115 degrees outside and even with the car ac blasting-which you can't use in heavy traffic or the jeep overheats- it is still hot hot hot.

Below is a great bit on Rudy again but I refuse to include his photo.


Rudy Giuliani: Asked About HIV, He Answers With 9/11

John Deeth

Friday (07/20) at 12:03 PM

Rudy Giuliani gets Iowa punctuality. In fact, he may be the first presidential candidate in years to show up early at a caucus campaign stop. Razzed by the Des Moines Register for running late in his last Iowa trip, the former New York mayor arrived 10 minutes before a scheduled 2:30 Thursday speech at the Spring House, a historic restaurant built on a natural artesian spring in Cedar Rapids.

The bulk of Giuliani's relatively brief visit - 55 minutes from arrival to departure -- was devoted to one on one conversations and autographs. While the event was billed as focusing on energy independence, the crowd of 60 seated patrons and as many more standing folks was more interested in health care.

Loud Muzak drowned out the brief opening remarks of Paul Pate, a former Cedar Rapids mayor who also served in the Legislature and as secretary of state. Though the music clicked off early during Giuliani's speech, the lack of a microphone made it hard to hear his message.

After about 10 minutes of prepared remarks, Giuliani began taking questions. Asked about increasing federal support for HIV medications, Giuliani discussed what he considers appropriate federal responsibility in health care. "I don't want to promise you the federal government will take over the role," he said, drawing applause and shouts of "all right."

Then, in some interesting twists, he turned the HIV question into a 9/11 answer:

"My general experience has been that the federal government works best when it helps and assists and encourages and sets guidelines… on a state-by-state, locality-by-locality basis. It's no different from the way I look at homeland security. Maybe having been mayor of the city, I know that your first defense against terrorist attack is that local police station, or that local firehouse."
Read the rest here


Becky C. said...

Thank you for sparing us.

Best of luck to your hubby. And yes he will do fine. If he needs confidence just look at the vast number of idiots who have passed it over the decades.

And a bit of advise from one who has taken it--at this point it is too late (and couterproductive) to cram--the most important thing is to relax and let go. So what he needs to do is take you out to dinner and a movie:)


Becky C. said...


I know your blog is not as deeply in the gutter as mine, but I thought perhaps you could help out Punch Girl, who is stuck in Iraq, and wondering on her blog whether Mormons masturbate.

I actually know the answer:)


ThatGirlTasha said...


Hubby is out on day two the exam.

So far so good, but ya there are a lot of idiots who are lawyers. I really have no idea how a lot of them even got into law school let alone pass any kind of bar.

He just took the Montana bar a year and half ago so all the multi-state stuff is still pretty fresh.

Still I'll be glad when it's over.

Also, I stopped by Girl Punch and left my 2 cents on Mormon masturbation-on a par with catholic masturbation but without the little plaid skirts.

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