Friday, June 15, 2007

Pieces of blogs-and a bit of thankfulness

I had a ton of fun over this last week with the Pieces of Eight meme. Niki over at mommaA first tagged me, she is also of the gun toting crunchy mama variety. This little game gave me the chance to read clips of a ton of cool blogs, most of which I would never have run into.

I spent way too much time following the chain of eights.

But my second point brings me to the above photos, and is one of gratitude and thankfulness.

Occasionally in life one comes across something that leaves a lasting imprint in ones life.
Sometimes it's a stanza of poetry, sometimes a powerful phrase uttered by a speaker, at some motivational seminar you attended because your cousin had been pestering you about it and you went just to shut her up (just an example) and sometimes it can come to you in ways you never expected.
Some late night searcher reached my site the other day by typing the following search term into Yahoo;

cures remedies for cuts on penis

I have this person to thank for letting me know (and my husband, who when I read it to him just said-"Oh jesus christ please don't tell me about stuff like that." and from this I know that he is also thankful) that no matter what daily trials and difficulties are going on-it is really not that bad. There are others who are suffering far more and for what reasons we can only imagine.

So here's to you, cuts on penis man, desperately looking for a remedy (photos above are just a suggestion) and thank you for making my day and the day of anyone who stops by here today a little brighter.



Kelley said...

I'm glad I came by cause those cuts on my penis are really getting painful. :P

I just wonder how he got them... who was trying to dismember him?!

Thanks for the laugh!

ThatGirlTasha said...

Hey-thanks-I really enjoy your blog, as well.

I'm baffled by how he could have done that.

My husband did NOT think the photo of the alcohol bottle was funny.

Becky C. said...

I've always thought those things were nothing but trouble:)

I am also sincerely thankful you tagged me.


Niki said...

I'm so glad you had fun with it! I know I did =)

silken said...

you've been tagged in the seven random things meme game. wanna join?

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