Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's meme time-I'm running out of cool random facts-if I get tagged again I'll have to start blogging about doing dishes

I have had absolutely no time for anything this week. It's been one of those weeks where I wind up collapsing at the foot of the bed with my shoes still on.

I was tagged again with a meme, which is cool, otherwise, I wouldn't make time to post on here until the weekend. I was tagged by Silken, I'm linking to her profile because she has about twenty million blogs-she's also a homeschooler.

The Rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write their own blog post with their 7 things as well as these rules. You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog. Remember to leave a comment for them letting them know they have been tagged and to read your blog.

HHMM-It's going to take me a while to round up seven other people since I don't want to retag anyone-just did the pieces of eight one.

1. I was once the victim of a drive by shooting.

I was 151/2 and out on a double date to go bowling and then to play mini golf.

How Mormon does that sound?

We were at a stoplight when a minitruck (remember those) pulled up. The two guys in the truck started racing their engine and looking over at us.

My date, the driver, said," I don't want to race you, you'd kill me."

And when he said kill, he motioned his hands like a gun for emphasis.

I guess the other guy was offended.

He responded by shooting at us three times.

I heard the noise and then I thought water was splashing all over -but it was glass (that slow motion thing under fear is sooo weird). The glass looked like it was just flowing across the car like a wave. The minitruck took off and we were all fine. The bullets lodged in the door.

2. I once worked in place where "strange phenomena" occurred. It was an "upscale" (as upscale as these places get) club where I worked to put my hubby through undergrad.

At the time, I had no doubt the place was haunted. Now I'm not sure what it was. Maybe mass hysteria. Maybe just bad vibes from all the seriously bad energy. It didn't help with the hysteria or the energy that someone always had a ouija board going.

I never saw a ghost.

But I did see girls running outside screaming, half dressed, saying something walked through them.

I did see DJ's running out of the booth saying something was whispering in their ear-this happened with multiple DJ's, most of whom quit; saying the job didn't pay enough to deal with that.

The strangest thing I ever saw was the day I sat down with a customer who was arguing with his friend.
He was looking up at the catwalk saying there had to be a door up there in that corner(pointing); his pal said there's nothing there. There first guy asks me if there's a door there (there wasn't) because he saw a short, fat man, with a bowler hat, walk down it and then just disappear.

This guy's description fit exactly with what the DJ had been seeing up there all week.

It horrified me back then because this guy, as far as I knew, hadn't heard any of the ghost stories.

Now I wonder if maybe he had over heard someone talking about it, subconsciously, in the murmer of the club, and his mind played a few tricks on him.
Or maybe it was a ghost. Don't know-guess I'll find out when I die.

3. I once had a gun blow up in my hand-not a piece of crap gun either, but a Glock.
When I first started shooting, I was really afraid of the noise (I used to run when someone opened a can of biscuits) so I thought I would just shoot like a hundred rounds a day until I got used to it.
I was using store bought reloads (don't ever do this).
I remember thinking that my gun seemed really loud that day, but I thought it just my fear.

Then the next shot seemed really really loud. But I thought,"Man, I've got to get over this silly fear-now I'm hearing things." Then the next shot was so loud-that my ears were ringing through the ear muffs ;) and my hands felt really hot.

I looked down and there was a huge hole in the top of the barrel.

I stated shooting rifle instead.

4.The longest run I ever did was 15 miles. My plan with running has always been to just run until the baby or babies I'm pushing in the the stroller wake up or until my knee says -enough. But one morning my knee was well rested and my baby-my oldest- was in a sound sleep so I just kept running.

5. I was in labor for one hour with my second baby.
Two and a half hours with my fourth baby. My midwife was staying with us for the second baby. For number four the midwife was only there about ten minutes before the baby was born.

6.My hubby's great grandpa rode with Pancho Villa. There is a favorite family photo of Pancho Villa with my hubby's great uncle, as a baby. All the crazy tales on the history sites pale compared to family lore.

I was in school, Basic high school, the day of the Pepcon disaster. This was a rocket fuel plant that blew up (that link is a great article about it) just a couple miles from our school.
A bunch of us kids jumped into a car and we drove across the desert getting stuck every once in a while and just waiting for a 4x4 to come by with a chain and pull us through the dips.

It was like a traffic jam in the middle of a desert. Our school was just a couple of miles from the site so I was surprised when I got home (7 miles away) to find all of the windows busted out in our neighborhood too.

The worst of it was the not knowing what it was and if anyone was hurt.
The best of it was we didn't have to go to school for a week while they repaired the building.
Also because the air quality test keep coming back as unacceptable but this was because while the air testing was going on in one room; the painters were spraying fresh paint in another. ;)

I tag Zep, My hubby, Dare2Bfree,


silken said...

whew! what an interesting list. hate to hear that one of the random things about you is a random shooting! otherwise, some pretty cool stuff here! I may have twenty million blogs, but nothing as interesting as you've got on yours! :)

thanks for playing along on the heels of the last one you did, and thanks for the link love!

I've had a crazy week as well. looking forward to July, hope it slows down a bit!

Becky C. said...

Is it just wishful thinking, or could using the tag word "muff" to link to my blog be a very good thing;)

--oh and random shooting is a plus with me.


ThatGirlTasha said...

Silken; Thanks for the tag. Your blogs are cool and fun to read.

The worst part about the shooting was the police thought we had instigated it-they couldn't believe anyone would just shoot up a car like that (must have been rookies).

HOpe your July is more restful

ThatGirlTasha said...

Becky; Well-I am way too much of a flirt not to link a word like that to someone and yours was the first one I thought of ;)
Who else would I link that too?

Becky C. said...

Tasha, sorry about my stupid comment about the random shooting. For some techonolgical reason totally baffling to me (or maybe it was the three bottles of wine) I did not see the first random fact about the drive by shooting--I thought it was just a refernce to the firing range thing.Now I feel stupid--but I will get over it:)


ThatGirlTasha said...

Don't even worry about it. We were the coolest kids in school for about a week after that.

Hope you have a good trip,it's too bad you have to do the caravan thing, usually the best part of those long drives is all the talking you get to do-and all the the creative ways to keep the driver from falling asleep;)

Phoenix is a pretty cool place, they have the Superstition Mountains and a Ikea-can't go wrong with that;)