Sunday, April 29, 2007

On the road in a few days

This may be my last post for bit. We're doing that whole cross country move thing again.

The kids are all excited.

We are basically moving a zoo and a library.

Twenty bookshelves (stuffed), two big dogs, some pet mice- in a traveling rodent box (yes, they do make those), and a bunch of tropical fish in a cooler (not sure how this will turn out).

Of course, we have four kids so I'll be in the Jeep with a couple of kids and a dog, hubby will be in the moving truck with a couple of kids and a dog.

I think my next post will be a somewhat organized moving tips list.

I've never seen one yet that looked like it was comprised by an actual
person who has ever moved.

They always say things like; label every item in an A. B. C. or D. list on the outside of the box-you can easily type these list up a few days in advance on your computer.
They never say things like-you're running out of time and you haven't slept in days; just throw the shit into a trash bag.



kristin said...

"throw the shit into a trash bag."
LOL amen sister! I love it

dare2bfree said...

Every time I've ever moved - and at one count it was 14 times in something like 12-13 years - I've moved 1/4 to 1/2 of my stuff in trash bags. I always say that I won't do it, and then I get sick of it and do anyway!

I'm late coming to the game, but I'm sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. Moving sucks enough on it's own, having the emotional stress and family issues just makes it that more of a pain in the rear. I hope you have a safe and uneventful move and that you get settled in your new home quickly.

ThatGirlTasha said...

Hey- thanks so much,kristin and dare2bfree.
"Moving sucks enough on it's own, having the emotional stress and family issues just makes it that more of a pain in the rear."Ya- we're kind of focusing on the things that kids love like the excitement of motels and wearing pjs to gas stations. Otherwise, it's just too much.
thanks again!

Niki said...

We recently moved across town & into the country. Best of luck with your move!

ThatGirlTasha said...

Thanks,Niki and(Mrs.?)Dare and Kristn-we're in the final stages. We have a teenager helping my husband with the heavy stuff. We will be on the road Friday-the clean up is the worst.

I'm sitting on the floor at the computer nursing baby-this does slow things down-will slow down the drive a bit too.
Thanks for the moral support-is much needed.

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