Friday, April 27, 2007

Lookie-I'm a "powerful" Digger

Funny-I ran across this blurb the other day about the most powerful Digg users and was stunned to see my name on the list. The funny thing is I only submitted like five or six stories. I just got lucky and three went front page. I was wondering why I kept getting hits on my blog from my Digg profile.

Anyway-I'm packing again. And then the fun part; setting up utilities, and closing down the old ones-I hate getting on the phone all that speaking to people stuff.

-TAsha Adams Rhodes libertarian Girl

This will probably be my last Digg analysis post, as I’ve already spent WAY too much time on it, haha.

Following two successful studies on Digg’s Most Popular Domains (and Sorted by Topics), I had an idea for one to finish the series. Ever since Digg removed the top users list, I’m always wondering who is a one-hit-wonder submitter, and who has a track record of submitting high quality articles.

I’ve finally finished adding up all the authors who’s submissions made homepage in the past 30 days (same as before, March 15th 2007 to April 15th 2007), and it had a strangely cool outcome. The number of users who had more than one article hit the homepage in the past 30 days works out to be EXACTLY 300. It’s the small things in life…. :)

And now, a comprehensive list of the top Digg users for the past month:

At this point I'll skip down to the important part-

#117 adiqiucorp — three articles
#118 scoreboard27 — three articles
#119 ThatGirlTasha — three articles
#120 aidenuncle48 — three articles
#121 blackolive — three articles

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