Monday, April 09, 2007

An infidel on Infidel

I read this really interesting book last week, Infidel, by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a woman from Somalia, who survived female genital mutilation (I mean psychologically-I realize most people survive physically),escaped an arranged marriage, fled to Holland, became a member of Parliament (the Lower House of the States-General of the Netherlands),has written books (obviously) and now lives in D.C. working for American Enterprise Institute. And yes, somewhere in there is an earned masters degree, the speaking of like a thousand languages, and a fractured skull for speaking her mind.

I'll forgive the fact that she works for AEI because she has survived so much, but yes, I do see the irony of a FGM surviver working next to testicle crushing, John Yoo without stabbing his eye out with her ballpoint pen.

I found it an interesting look into a very closed off culture that I now realize I really knew nothing about.

She scoffs openly at people, whom she believes, out ignorance, say that Islam is a peaceful religion.

She has emerged from all this an atheist -and who could blame her?

I'm no atheist but I've come to the conclusion that all religions are bullshit.
This leaves me -an A gnostic-without knowledge. But I do hope there is something more to us than rotting in the ground when we are gone.

I love the idea of the divine spark of a human soul but I sure don't see it any religious texts.

As a homeschooler this belief does leave me in an isolated camp.

Unlike a lot of "devout atheists" I am not emotionally charged against religion and can manage to bow my head and silently pray to "whoever or whatever" might be on the other side when the opening prayer goes on at these homeschooler meetings.

But back to Infidel- If you remember the shooting of Theo Van Gogh
-great grandson to the Van Gogh's brother. It was a response to the short film he made
with Hirsi Ali; Submission -shown below.

No, I'm not worried about being considered an Infidel for showing it-as a girl who grew up Mormon; I've been sipping Starbucks all through the typing of this-so it's really too late for me anyway.

-Tasha Tasha Rhodes libertarian

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