Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Homeschooling might be a mental illness, authorities say

What can be said about this? It's disgusting, I almost didn't post it because it's just depressing.

I can't believe an entire society could be so devoted to the idea of state allegiance that just the possibility of someone having devotion to family or higher power is cause to steal children and lock up parents. And they (the Nazis)are admitting these tests are not for anything except to determine if the family is too independent minded,they view this as a sickness
A German appeals court has not only affirmed a lower court's decision that ripped a 15-year-old homeschooler from her family and subjected her to a forced stay in a psychiatric hospital because she is homeschooled, but also ordered her parents to be given psychiatric evaluations, an international rights organization says.

Joel Thornton, president of the International Human Rights Group told WND that fears the state will use those court-approved tests to destroy the family of Melissa Busekros are very valid.

"The trouble is this emboldens the state again, only now it's at a higher level, and the courts still are agreeing with them. This could put Melissa back into the psychiatric system where she could disappear from sight entirely," he said.

The family's five other children also are endangered now because of potential court rulings that could be based on any evaluation of the parents, he said.

The appeals court ruling came despite the fact that all three of the lawyers representing Melissa Busekros clearly stated in their request to the court the family had accepted a compromise offered by a lower court for her to return home under government supervision.

"In spite of [that] … the appeals court held that the family refused the court's initial compromise to let Melissa become an outpatient," Thornton said.

For the Busekros family, it's a huge setback.

Melissa Busekros

"[A] fear is that Melissa will be returned to the psychiatric clinic system in Germany and 'disappear.' This would leave the family with no way to know where Melissa is or how she is doing. She could become a ward of the state and completely lost to her family," Thornton said.

Besides the other children in the family, there are further ramifications, too, with the decision raising questions of larger government attacks on homeschoolers in Germany, where that choice of education is illegal because the government wants to stamp out any "parallel" societies utilizing a worldview different from the state's.

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