Thursday, March 29, 2007

POLICE STATE, GERMANY -Youth worker' lies about homeschool student

I'm running out of rants. This just keeps getting worse and Germany just doesn't care what the rest of the world thinks.
They are not ashamed to use old Nazi laws to do what they want. They think it's just fine to say things like, "we don't want anyone growing up with ideas independent of the state."
They lie lie lie and are not afraid to be caught. The whole thing is so overwhelming and depressing.
I actually had someone on Digg comment that it was over the top for me to call the German school police Nazis and someone else commented -well these are actual Nazi laws so it wasn't figurative slander,it was just a literal statement. Anyway -story is below

Melissa's seat at the family dinner table is left empty until she returns

A youth services social worker apparently has lied to a German television station about a 15-year-old homeschool student ordered into a psychiatric ward because of her "school phobia," and another employee of the same state division shut down a scheduled 1-hour weekly visit with her family when her father showed her the statement.

According to the International Human Rights Group, who has a representative working with the family of Melissa Busekros in Germany, the incident yesterday was reported by Melissa's parents to Richard Guenther, director of European operations for IHRG, and his wife Ingrid.

Nearly two months ago the 15-year-old was taken by police away from her parents to a psychiatric ward after a social worker and judge determined she had a "school phobia" and was being homeschooled, which is illegal in Germany. She later was moved to foster care, and although her parents still are not allowed to know where she is staying, they have been allowed "semi-private" 1-hour weekly visits.

Yesterday, the Busekros family arrived to see Melissa, thinking they were going to have a "normal" visit, "normal within the confines of the nightmare they find themselves facing," according to the IHRG. "Unfortunately, the social worker who is charged by the youth welfare office with facilitating these visits refused to leave the room during the family's time together."

So, working within the confines of a now-supervised visit, the family continued its meeting. And since Melissa is cut off from the outside world much of the time, her family tries to keep her updated.

Melissa's family in Erlangen, awaiting word in her case

"Hubert [Melissa's father] was using his laptop computer to show Melissa a video report on her situation aired by a German television station. On this video tape, a representative of the youth welfare office told the reporter that Melissa has never asked to be allowed to go home!" Joel Thornton, the IHRG president, told WND. "That's right, the youth welfare office is claiming that Melissa wants to stay in state custody rather than be with her family."

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