Thursday, December 07, 2006

Biracial Kindergartener Used as Class "Prop" Told she was Adopted

MORGANTOWN -- The West Virginia Human Rights Commission is investigating charges that an elementary school teacher used a biracial kindergarten student as a prop to illustrate differences in skin color and ethnic backgrounds during a world cultures class.

Rhonda Bennett, a preschool teacher at Peterson Central Elementary School in Weston, is also accused of telling schoolmates that the child had been adopted -- a fact the family of the 5-year-old girl says she did not yet know.

Joseph Mace, superintendent of Lewis County schools, also has refused to return phone calls and e-mails from The Associated Press but acknowledged the incident to a local television station last week.

The Human Rights Commission supplied a copy of the family's complaint Wednesday after the AP filed a request under the state's Freedom of Information Act. More here

I love the public school system-I shall extol all the benefits of it later but for now; I'm recovering from a broken tail bone and sitting at the computer is not the most comfortable place to be.


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Anonymous said...

Holy Crap! What a freak.

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