Monday, December 04, 2006

Boy, 4, attacks armed robber with toy sword

A four-year-old changed into his Power Ranger costume and attacked when his family were held up by an armed robber.

Stevie Long sneaked out of the room while a robber was pointing a gun at his five-year-old sister Mary and mum Jennifer.

Minutes later, he leapt back into the room dressed as a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, reports the News and Observer.

"Get away from my family," he shouted, swinging his plastic sword and shouting "yah, yah."

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I just love this story except for the awful last line,
Stevie's aunt, Heather Evans, said a counsellor had suggested Stevie needs to improve his distinction between fantasy and reality: "He fully believed he morphed," she added.
A counselor, how awful, a four year old does something so wonderful and everyone thinks he needs mental help. No wonder we are becoming a society of wusses. And what four year old doesn't think he has magical powers!? That's why they run around with towels around their necks as a cape and swear they actually flew a little when they jumped off the chair. And it goes to show you what a little attitude can do. Okay, so this reminds me of a little story that, in our family, we can't tell without doubling over with laughter.

My husband, way back when, was a firearms instructor, in Las Vegas. He had a CCW(Concealed Carry Weapons Permit) and all that and carried a gun everywhere. Since we were at the range most of the day; everyday, there was plenty of time for practice. My husband, especially, practiced drawing from his holster and firing again and again.

One day we were out late and I don't remember why but for some reason he was not carrying that day. We were in a pretty bad neighborhood and as we were getting out of the car a man approached us and my husband told him to back away. He did not. You could tell by the body language and just the bad feeling in the air that no good was going to come from this.

My husband reached for where his holster usually was and automatically motioned as though he was drawing his gun.

Now, hubby's eyes are focussed on the guy approaching our car, but I'm looking at hubby and can see his hand is not drawing a gun but just his hand with his thumb up and his pointer finger out(like when kids play cops and robbers) hubby draws his imaginary gun and points his finger, with great authority, at the guy.The guy sees the ominous finger pointed, raises his hands in the air, backs away slowly, then runs off! We got in the car to take off and only then did hubby realize he was unarmed and with disbelief says "but he put his hands up!"


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E. Stewart Rhodes said...

Very funny,Tasha. He was probably running because he thought I was crazy.

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