Monday, November 27, 2006

Teens Frustrate Military Recruiter's ASVAB Scam

by Scott Horton
With bulletins and a handful of homemade flyers, two teens have struck a blow against the American Warfare State, Lindale, Georgia Division.

On a Friday afternoon the 17th of November, 17-year-old high school seniors Robert Day and Samuel Parker decided to act after Day overheard some teachers at Pepperell High School saying that first thing Monday morning the school's juniors would be made to take the ASVAB military aptitude test.

Often administered under the guise of a career aptitude test, the ASVAB's purpose is to better equip the State to prey on young people tricked or pressured into taking the test. According to Debbie Hopper of Mothers Against the Draft, it is often given under the pretext of being a "career placement" test. (In some cases it has in fact been used that way, no doubt in an attempt to legitimize what many Americans regard as not legitimate: the use of government schools as military recruiting grounds.)

The school board answered a concerned email from Parker's mother with a suggestion that the test is not mandatory but "customary." Sane Americans might ask, "Where, in Prussia?" more here

Group mentality gone wild!-I love the way the principal ( part by claiming the test is mandatory and also the threat from the military thugs of all your peers hating you if you tear up the stupid test. But good for Robert Day and Samuel Parker for standing up against unimaginable brainwashing!

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Glen Sheperd said...

Awesome,thanks foe posting this!I emailed the principal-what an ass!
Glen S

ThatGirlTasha said...

Glad you did-the things people will do when they think no one will know.I think the more the school is harassed the less likely they are to take action against the two students involved.

GreginOz said...

Here's what I emailed the principal, your link and "G'day fool, see link, you are (in)famous. GreginOz."

ThatGirlTasha said...

Ha-too funny! Sometimes I think that I might give my kids the option of high school when they're old enough, then I read something like this aarrgghh!