Monday, November 27, 2006

Port-a -Potty Breastfeeding

I thought I was being a little over the top and sarcastic when I placed the title," Ever been asked to feed your baby in a toilet stall?" next to my T-shirt photo but apparently not.

The whole week in Las Vegas was an emotional roller coaster going from funeral at my mom's to Thanksgiving at my mom-in-law's and trying to visit with everyone as much as possible in the time we had.

While with my hubby's family we went to this cute Christmas village put on every year by Opportunity Village in Las Vegas.
Every time I look out my window here in Montana and see the evergreens, thick and heavy with snow until each branch is bent straight down, I think of the plastic, snow painted trees at the Christmas Village-no kidding. Until we moved here it was my only memory of such a sight, in fact, I didn't know there were places that
actually looked like that until my first winter here.(I was born in Las Vegas)
Anyway, while everyone was in line to watch the kids on the carousal, I found a somewhat quiet bench to feed my little nursing but it was very crowed and people were literally walking over my feet as I sat, so not very private. Just a few minutes after I sat down came a young mom with a beautiful five day old baby. She recognized the blanket over the head deal right away. She said she'd been looking for a place to nurse and finally asked at the information desk if there was a place she could nurse her baby.
Ya-you guessed it, they suggested the port-a-potty!

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if the person who suggested it would like to eat his dinner there?

Lisa M. said...

Very true, anon, how hard would it be to put a chair in an office-I've been to that place it's held at a community college.Besides when babies nurse they can only breathe though their nose-yuk!

ThatGirlTasha said...

Ha-you are right, there is plenty of room there. And I think the person just had to have been not thinking. Eating in a port-a potty! Man,people can be so ignorant!

Tracy Dower said...

Maybe in addition to nurse-ins, we shoudl start doing eat-ins. We all get together at a restaurant (bring video cameras), order food, and when our plates come, we carry them into the bathroom, sit down on the toilets, and start eating. When the police are called, let the cameras roll. Then maybe the bigots will have to admit that it is already against the law for ANYONE of ANY AGE to eat in a blinking bathroom.

ThatGirlTasha said...

I love your comment, Tracy.
It's funny most people don't think about, it all, when they tell someone to feed a in a baby in a bathroom. I've had family members ask what my tag line means (ever been asked to feed your baby in a toilet stall?)and when I explain that nursing moms are often pointed toward the bathroom to nurse they say-oh I never thought of that.
By the way, I love you sight-I've never owned a stroller(except a jogger)and I have never envied women who lug around all that junk while my babies were all snug on my chest and my hands free.

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