Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Free Hugs Campaign. Inspiring Story! (music by sick puppies)

This has been kicking around the web a while.
It has nothing to do with elections, or enemy combatants or Rumsfeld or the military commisions act, but it's just kind of nice.


How it all started:

I'd been living in London when my world turned upside down and I'd had to come home. By the time my plane landed back in Sydney, all I had left was a carry on bag full of clothes and a world of troubles. No one to welcome me back, no place to call home. I was a tourist in my hometown.

Standing there in the arrivals terminal, watching other passengers meeting their waiting friends and family, with open arms and smiling faces, hugging and laughing together, I wanted someone out there to be waiting for me. To be happy to see me. To smile at me. To hug me. More here

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