Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Conrad Burns; lawyering up-Stan Jones; laughs

Conrad Burns Loses Elections By Day, Kills At Night

Aw shit - WonketteCrazy Conrad already tried to ban Montana reporters from attending his “Victory Pary” because the Billings Gazette committed the sin of running a USA Today poll showing he was doomed. More here

As much as I don’t like dems, I'm glad to see Burns go down, Mr. proud of the Patriot Act, in favor of the Military Commissions Act,(of course)or anything else the high chancellor wants, sieg hiel!

Just another example of how a libertarian vote is not a wasted vote. With 99% in; Tester and Burns only have around 2,000 votes separating them. Ten thousand votes went to the libertarian candidate,
Stan Jones,(ya-the blue guy). That's ten thousand votes that didn't go to Burns(libertarians never vote democrat).

libertarian montana by Tasha Rhodes Stewart Rhodes on military commisions act patriot act


Anonymous said...


The Patriot Act is certainly the leas onerous infringement on American liberties ever in a US war. Revisions to it last term of Congress were so many that even the sue-happy ACLU dropped their court challenge a week or two ago.

There are many things wrong when our government wages war, but the Patriot Act is arguably the least of them today.

-libertarian in Boulder, CO
PS I was just in Missoula and Glacier and BC/Alberta last week. Loved it. Love camping along Lake MacDonald's soothing shores.

ThatGirlTasha said...

I agree with you about the Patriot Act-it's small change compared to The Military Commissions Act. But I do think it was something that the republicans (and freerangers) recognized when they heard Burns' commercials saying he was in support of it.

I think it was like a light that went on and caused a lot of them to vote libertarian or even democrat.

And Glacier Park is beautiful but don’t tell anyone!

ThatGirlTasha said...

Wow-that is awsome!I'm sending your link to my hubby.He used to work for Ron Paul-The only decent person I've ever heard of in congress.

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