Thursday, November 16, 2006

Breastfeeding Mother Kicked off Commercial Airplane

It was 10:00 at night when, after a three-hour delay, Emily Gillette and her family gratefully boarded flight 6160 from Burlington, Vermont to New York's La Guardia. Heading to the city to rendezvous with relatives from abroad, Emily took her window seat in the eighth row of a nine-row plane, next to her husband. She began to discreetly breastfeed her baby before takeoff, aware that nursing helps babies regulate air travel's pressure changes. Within moments, she was asked by the sole flight attendant to cover up with a blanket. Citing her right to nurse, Gillette calmly and politely declined. The flight attendant then told Gillette, "You are offending me," and proceeded to have a ticket agent board the aircraft to remove Emily and her family. The Gillettes quietly gathered their belongings and left, after unsuccessfully appealing to the pilot and co-pilot for help.

Delta ticket agents (including the agent that told the Gillettes they had to leave the airplane) then attempted to communicate with the crew to reverse the flight attendant's decision, to no avail. The co-pilot came off the plane and spoke with the family, apologizing for their removal but claiming that there was nothing he could do to change a flight attendant's decision made in the cabin of an aircraft. More here

I have to say I really really hate flying. I hate being treated like a terrorist. And when you’re in an airport there is no free speech.

How can anyone be offended at a baby being fed? With the sexual bombardment of the media and just society in general there are people who get offended by a nursing baby. And even when someone "lets it all hang out" while they breastfeed, which hardly anyone does, it doesn't show as much as a low cut blouse. So it has to be just the idea of a feeding baby that upsets them and not the sight of a little skin. It has to be some weird subconscious disgust at seeing something that they can't help viewing as sexual, combined with something maternal. Freaks! - Maybe these people have sex through a hole in a sheet too. But probably not-probably they watch MTV and get online and do all the same things the rest of us do, but they are so twisted in their thinking that maternal love and nurturing sicken them while unattached sexuality is perfectly acceptable just like something out of Brave New World, when the professor reads about ancient people- a mother nursing and cuddling her baby and some of the students throw up at the reading of it.

-Tasha Tasha Rhodes libertarian Girl


Anonymous said...

What was more likely is that Emily was thrown off the plane for abusing the FA, say, calling her a bitch... and is using the whole nursing thing as a way of getting people on her side. FAs see all sorts; they're like the roadies of the air. They probably see a lot worse than a bit of nipplage.

Anonymous said...

Posted on Christmas day? You don't have anything better do with yourself on Christmas than surf the web, claiming airline employees are above acting like idiots?

Blogger said...

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