Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pills, abortion, lactation and breast cancer

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Many people reach this page looking for information on
This place saved my mom-in-law's life and although she is an amazingly busy Vegas commercial Realtor and high-rise developer she loves taking the time to talk about her experience at Sanoviv.

She was suffering from stage three to four breast cancer.

Her site is here and her email is located there, as well.



'Pill' causes breast cancer?
'Measurable and statistically significant' connection confirmed

Posted: October 24, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

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A new study from the Mayo Clinic has concluded that there is "a measurable and statistically significant" connection between the pill and pre-menopausal breast cancer, re-enforcing the recent classification of oral contraceptives as Type 1 carcinogens.Read the rest here.

The above photo is from Sanovov Medical Institute.

The thing about studies like these is they never mention the link between full term pregnancies and or breastfeeding and a reduction in cancer rates. Perhaps rather than a pill causing cancer, it's just the result of fewer babies that causes cancer. A short article on this can be found here.

I also question the direct link between abortions and breast cancer. Maybe it's just that a person who is open to having an abortion has children later in life. Another article here.

And of course, we nursing moms all know about the reduced risk for us.

My mom in law is fighting breast cancer right now.

It reached her lymph nodes before she discovered it this last spring. Or at least that's when we found out. She didn't tell us until after my husband took his bar exam-she didn't want to worry him while he was studying.

It looks as though she is winning this fight.

As of yesterday, her test results showed no sign of cancer. She chose an alternative method to slay her dragon. She went to Sanoviv Medical Institute in Mexico.

This was no hocus-pocus. Without the AMA and FDA on their backs they can offer much more advanced medicine than the US can. And unlike US doctors, they actually believe the food you consume and the supplements you take can affect your health.

I think after this experience my mom-in-law will emerge healthier than she would have been had she never battled cancer.


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To all the people who reach here searching for information on Sanoviv-the link to my mom in laws web site which has her email is listed in the nifty links-here as well,

She loves emailing with people who want info on Sanoviv and loves to share her experiences.

So feel free to send her your questions.