Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Look out bloggers-Allen's staff is on it!

A blogger was brutally attacked at a George Allen campaign rally today for asking a simple question: “When did you stop beating your wife?” Actually, it was “why did you spit on your first wife,” but the idea is the same. NBC4 was there! But they didn’t bother to get the name of the guy (apparently blogger Mike Stark) or talk to any of the people who kicked his ass (“presumed to be staffers”). Local journalism! More here

Be a good American don't ask too many questions. Apparently, questioning public servant, George Allen ,(oh, sorry they're lawmakers now) of macaca fame gets you demoted from constituent to protester and we all know that a protester can quickly be demoted to ememy combatant and an enemy combatant can be shot so Mark Stark should thankful he was only ruffed up a little.
Look at me, defending an anti-gun punk, maybe this will teach Mr. Stark to at least carry pepper spray.That's the thing about being a liberal, everyone knows you're unarmed. If he were asking questions on behalf of the NRA things would not have gone down like that.
"Arm yourself, Mike, you're practically an enemy combatant, start acting like one!"

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