Sunday, October 29, 2006

In Search of an Icon: Breastfeeding Symbol Contest

The image of a baby bottle announcing the location of a "parents lounge" in an airport got us thinking: Is there an international symbol for breastfeeding? Similar to the familiar icons we've all seen indicating a handicapped parking spot or the women's restroom, this image would be a recognizable symbol indicating that a place is breastfeeding friendly. Ideally, the space would be private, quiet, with a comfortable chair and an electrical outlet for pumping.
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Okay, so the two images in black weren't serious entries, but they were my favorites.

I didn't make any comments on the kids and finger prints article partly because it was Saturday and I wanted to see the outside world as much as possible and two, because that was just too ridiculous.

No comment necessary.

I do love the idea of a breastfeeding symbol.

I've always been disturbed by the fact that babies are always depicted by an association with a bottle or with the sound of a wailing cry.

I really do love Mothering Magazine but,of course, they are pretty much communists over there and are vehemently anti-gun.
I'll never understand how someone can "get it" in one area of life and be so clueless in another.
They are devastated and appalled that the government would bust down your door and force a poisonous mixture of dog blood, puss and formaldehyde (typical vaccination mix) into your child or rip your baby from your breast because some forced AIDES test came back with an obviously faulty positive but they can't figure out why someone would need so many guns and why shouldn't they be registered and the superfluous weapons (all but the 22's) removed by that nice law enforcement team dressed up so spiffily in black.

It all about force, but they don't get that. To them it's all about their pet issue.


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