Friday, October 06, 2006

Back to nursing

I really don't know how I'll achieve this move. I think I packed like three boxes and I am back here again.
My bigger two kids are helpful but when I sit down to nurse everyone else's fire goes out and I come back to find nothing done. When my other three were babies I did a lot by nursing on one side and running around cleaning, teaching (I homeschool)with the other arm. But babies just don't like that. They like to be looked at and talked to and milk just doesn't "let down" very well while your running a household marathon.

But I am very excited about moving. Our new house is two and half times the size of this one. Our currant house is quite tiny(with four kids and two dogs)! The new one actually has place for a dedicated classroom. Lugging boxes of books and curriculum to and from the kitchen table gets tiresome. And after a while we just started having dinner by pushing aside the gazillion counting bears and rulers.

AAhh free again -to a bouncy seat she goes. And I'm off to pack again.
breastfeeding nurings kids dogs and all that

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